Everything’s Causing Me Problems


If you do Lightwork, here is a comprehensive list of what might ail you:


Slightly outdated, but interesting. http://www.space.com/21937-sun-solar-weather-peak-is-weak.html

-body aches and pains
-ear ringing
-annoying relatives
-slow drivers in your way
-sugar cravings
-wine cravings
-vacation cravings
-left (or right) knee/shoulder/elbow/pinkie toe tingles

Okay, that’s enough. Let’s talk about what might ail you if you are oblivious to your path of Light and ignore good advice from Lightworkers:

-see list above


Why would I jest about such a serious topic? Why would I make fun of human reactions to solar flares, GMOs, politics, proton fields, dark auras, vampires, negative ETs and so on? This is why:

You are the creator.

My inbox receives wonderful articles from professionals with the best of intentions. I read them, anxious to find out why I didn’t sleep last night or why I have a headache. Yet, something seems off when I align myself with these ideas. I find myself in a search mode and for me that is a sign that I am not using my spiritual potential.

There are environmental effects: If it is raining, things are going to be wet. Fires are hot. Snow is cold. But the solar flares have been going on for a long time, am I just now noticing? A little research showed me that we aren’t in a huge sun-flashing-solar-flare-aggressive time. It’s the sun and it flares. Does that mean we aren’t affected? Absolutely not.

My point is that we tend to blame. We look for reasons to deal with oddities, aches and pains, unusual feelings. What if you are just becoming more sensitive?

Rather than search for what causes what, I am suggesting that we stop looking around as if we are victims of our environment and take responsibility. My guides give me this lesson every time I ask why something is happening. I want it to be someone else’s fault. Then I can blame them, make them my problem and never have to fix myself.



If you are on a Light path, and I think you are, we don’t get away with meditating and blaming. Oil and water. They don’t mix. If I ask my guides why I have a headache they might say because of my reaction to GMOs. How do I stop that? They say, “Stop what? The headache? The reaction? Or the process of making blame part of this equation?”

When this happens, I feel really human and wonder why I didn’t think my question through before asking. The guides say things like, “How would we teach you if you did not ask?” Okay, I get that. I will show up human and blaming. How can I stop the blaming, decrease reactions and relieve headaches?

This is an example, and I am sure your brain is answering the questions already. If there is a reaction, the first thing we can do is get calm. Slow our thinking so that we are resolution oriented and clear enough to receive guidance. Avoiding a reaction may be as simple as ignoring it, getting on with your day. Maybe the answer is an essential oil, walking or being creative. It is so helpful to have a list of things you can do for yourself when there is an issue. We forget how to help ourselves when we are hurting.

Learning to eliminate blame and projection are not something I can speak to personally as I am still working on this. However, my guides have a few ideas:

-Assess situations from all perspectives; create a play or story and write each person’s part. Compassion needs a path; comprehension creates a path for understanding and, at times, forgiveness.divine.knowledge.mandala.prayer.meme.

-Include nature in all decisions. Walk, run, skip or sit. Get outside and be with something natural. It will enhance your sense of self by diminishing the largeness of situations. Feeling small in the world can help sometimes.

-Write a complaint letter to someone you are angry with and then change “you” to “I”. Do it after the letter is written. Don’t the left brain interfere with your creative flow.

-Pray. It’s like putting a cake in the oven. Words left for Source turn into healing. Ingredients left in the oven turn into cake.

-You have heard it a million times: meditate. Raise your frequency and be in that Divine flow of Light that is everything you know in every cell of your body.

Next time you are looking for the why or the reason something happened, try telling yourself that it’s temporary. Lightwork is likely the cause of some suffering in your life and there may be difficulties, don’t dwell on them. Tell Creator/Source/God/Goddess when it feels like too much. Have good boundaries. Just because it’s Lightwork doesn’t mean we must suffer.

Disclaimer: Please don’t ignore physical issues that might be a message for help. These words are intended to make us stronger by enhancing our ability to look ahead and bridge the hard stuff. The ascension path is full of crazy aches and pain. We are challenged and it does hurt. Just don’t dwell on causes. Be conscious, take action and use your sensitives to feel into all the most appropriate decisions for you.

Blessings on your spiritual road,









3 comments to Everything’s Causing Me Problems

  • Debi Halbur

    You have always had a message that comes when needed. Duh! Isn’t that how it works. It’s interesting that the more frightenened or unsure I am, the more I look for external answers. It seems I tend to trust what’s outside of myself more than my own heart. Thank you for this message. The world does seem more overwhelming at this time. I’ll look inward for what is needed. Bless you Holly.

    • Holly Burger

      Thank you so much, Debi! Trusting self, our Pillar of Light and guides, Creator… it’s a process of learning and a lifetime of work. Thank you for writing, I love knowing that I am not alone in this journey. Many blessing to you, Debi. <3

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