Hello Lightworkers,

Just in case you are frantically shopping, worried about money or otherwise stressed; here is a list of things to bring a little light into your life:

-MEDITATE. Yes, you have heard this before, and yes it will take a few minutes. But the result is phenomenal. Ohm out. Tone, sing, breathe or click here for a list of meditations available right now. Spend twenty minutes communicating with your guides, the Divine, your high self and ethereal beings of Light that spend every day (and every night) with you. Ask them for help with gift giving, time management, happiness or any choice you have to make.Lights on pine tree.

-PRAY. Like meditation, this might take a focused minute, but prayer is the best investment you can make. Please let me ask a little favor… pray for someone else. Try it. Ask God/Goddess/Creator/Source to bless people all day long and see if your life doesn’t shift for the better. Blessings are a great investment. If you need help, I just added a few prayers to my website from my little book (Pocket Prayer Book: Excerpts from Divine Accordance), please click here.

-MAKE SOUP. What? Did I just recommend a chore to the busy? YES! Make soup. Go to the store, buy ingredients and make a batch of home cooked goodness. Infuse it with love and kindness and then eat it for a few days. This soup will do a few wonderful things. First, it will nourish you. Second, it will prevent you from eating fast. Fast food, too much sugar or fat will make you feel bad. Not just physically, but emotionally. Eat soup. Last year I bought myself a soup thermos, it’s fabulous. When I go out for a day, I take soup.

 Ornament-PLAN IT RIGHT. Start with a clear head and plan your day with time to sit. Plan for phone calls and time to stare at the sky. If you pack every minute, and add things as you go, you will end up thinking time has sped up. ; ) Lightworkers are always working on an agenda that may not be visible to the conscious mind. Plan accordingly. If I go to the mall, I might have to sit for five minutes and clear my chakras with a little prayer. This gives me energy and light for efficiency and spiritual guidance.

 -MAKE EYE CONTACT. When I complained to a friend about someone annoying me, I said they were needy. She said that when she met apparently needy people she stopped everything and looked them directly in the eye. She listened to every word. I tried it, and darned if it didn’t work! Then I added prayer. It works like magic. Imagine if someone begs for attention and you give them a triple whammy: eye contact, love and prayer. It works. Try filling someone’s emptiness. Try stopping your busy life and filling someone’s cup. Yours will runneth over.

-IDENTIFY THE CULPRIT. When we are busy, we tend to ignore things. If you are feeling agitated, ask yourself why. I often take a moment to say this, “Is it emotional? Physical? Mental?” Look for the underlying issue and address it. You might be hungry or tired or lacking vitamin D. Check in, don’t let yourself react to things recklessly. People understand. If you plop down into a chair and say, “I am so tired, I just spent all day thinking of other people!” Someone might say, “Well, let me get you some tea.” Watch your reactions, look for what you are reacting too.

-BUDGET. We all know we should not spend more than we make. But purchases add up fast and, well, spending is fun. Think of your budget the same way your think of a dream board. A budget needs to have a solid grounded presentation. If you are looking for a ten dollar present, tell someone. Write it down. CREATE a ten dollar present. You are in charge. You are the Divine Creator! Use your empowered thinking to stay in your budget. IMG_2088

-SLEEP. No matter how spiritual I get, sleep is a need. When I ask my guides why they can’t make my body sleep less, they give me all kinds of spiritual answers like, “What does sleeping mean to you?” It means I am prone and unable to complete tasks! Right? Well actually, that’s not true. Sleeping is the time where our minds rest, our spiritual bodies are awake! So if I wrap presents until 3am, I am shorting my spiritual body. Make sure you plan for sleep, and don’t forget to ask, ask, ask. Ask for help, pray for efficiency or a great gift idea. You have a team of ethereal guides! Use them!

-GRATITUDE. If you haven’t read my other lightBLOGs about gratitude, check them out. Gratitude is an energy mover. It pushes goodness out, it creates a vacuum in your energy fields so that you can receive. Bless, thank, smile, wink. Spill gratitude everywhere and open to receive Universal Blessings.

Now you have a successful decree for Holiday Happiness. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, take a minute or a second to free your mind and ask for help. Our guides want to help us. But we must invite them. Ask. Ask. Ask. And if you find your prayers are not answered, ask in a new way.

I am asking that you be blessed with all that you can receive in this moment. I hope that your heart fills with love and light and all that you want, need and desire. Happy Holidays!





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