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There is an original lightBLOG entry about my journey with health issues this year. You can read that, or skip it and read the second post about you, unless you care about the length of my hair and a symbolic change for a simpler life. Spiritually speaking, of course, we are all symbols for each other. Speaking of that…

Part Two:

My friend Steve called me yesterday. He said that he received a message for me during meditation.

When someone says, “I have a message for you from my guides” I usually smile and ask if we can talk later. Even as a psychic, knowing how Source works, I am suspicious. I figure that if they can remember it later, it’s likely from the heart. There’s nothing like a few hours to dissipate the ego, right?

I have never claimed to be a person without doubt; in fact, it may be my greatest challenge. When Steve called, and he knows how I am, I had a little doubt. A little. It didn’t last long. When someone calls you and speaks of something you just heard in your meditation, you listen. That’s how Source works; when we doubt or resist, the energy looks for another entrance. What a wonderful advantage we have, as humans, we not only create our reality, we put in a plan for resistance.

Just an hour before, I scribbled messages from my guides about Earth changes and grounding in my own meditation. While ruminating about sharing what I heard, Steve called. I am sharing Steve’s message with you for two reasons, because I believe it and I think it will help all of us.

You may choose to listen to the MP3 audio file from Connect With Spirit/3-15-11 to hear about how to manage the current energies and Lightworker fatigue. Near the end, you will hear a message about souls on Earth. Think about that, let it marinate, then add Steve’s ingredients:

•When you have a prayer, say it everyday for seven days during meditation. You may do this up to three times per day for different requests.

•Ask that all opposing energies be cleared.

•Strengthen the energy by using the word command.

The logic behind these actions is that Gaia is changing. Imagine grounding to the core of Earth and not feeling/sensing/seeing the same energy as the last time you grounded. These changes are as real as the Earthquake in Japan.

When people ask questions about stability, fatigue and meditation during readings I hear that we must ask for help to ground and anchor into our beloved planet. Who can help? You can call in your guides, Ascended Masters (a personal favorite or all of them), angels/archangels, saints or deities; always request pure Light beings. Remember, grounding offers you support and you become a conduit for Light, dear Lightworker, helping Gaia.

There is a new prayer; you may have read it in the last newsletter (Are you on the mailing list?), Prayer for Earth. I have made it available on the prayer page of

Your spiritual journey is expanding; I can feel it.

Many blessings,


PS: Please check the calendar for upcoming tele-classes. Let’s get together!