Patricia Cota-Robles

If you haven’t heard this name, take note. Patricia is one of today’s foremost speakers on all things spiritual. I have read/listened to her words for years. She has influenced me in heart, mind, soul and spirit.

World Congress on Illumination 2013, Tuscson, AZ

World Congress on Illumination 2013, Tucson, AZ

Patricia isn’t your everyday mystic. She’s a mystic’s mystic; a teacher’s teacher. The current of Divine Consciousness that flows through PCR is at once purity, clarity and reality. She doesn’t play mainstream games, making promises to heal or clear you. She stands in Christ Consciousness and explains what you can do to make yourself heal and/or clear.

PCR rings the truth bell; and for me the echo is phenomenal. I feel uplifted when I hear her talk about Divine Light, the Kingdom of Heaven and our ethereal helpers. Motivation courses through me after a discourse from PCR, and not the kind from ego where I feel like I am invincible. More of a deep reckoning. A core vibration that reminds me to sit until I must move, to remain quiet until inspiration takes hold and I must speak. As a Sagittarian, I will tell you, that is no easy course.

I believe I first heard PCR live in 2002. I remember the room, it had a low ceiling. We were somewhere near the old Stapleton Airport, just after it closed. Her words made me feel like I was living in a dream. Some of them were verbatim what my guides said in my meditations, what I said aloud. But she was so beyond my understanding. I purchased a book that day and tried to read it. Patricia says many things over and over. In some authors, I would find that annoying, but not with her. I need to hear those things repeatedly. I want to. I bought another book. Which one? It doesn’t matter. There isn’t a bad one.

But, if you would like to know my favorite, the mother of Patricia’s work, try: The Gnosis and the Law ( Ironically, PCR did not write this book; but she owns the publishing rights to it per the deceased author, Tellis Papastavro. It is worth the $45.00 price tag and if you catch one of PCR’s free seminars, you won’t have to pay shipping. Gnosis is not an easy or quick read; it’s dense, complicated and enormous. But I love it.

More fav’s include: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?, HOME and The Violet Flame Book (all by Patricia). Her meditations and CD’s are wonderful as well.


Mandala from PCR Seminar in Tuscon.

You may be wondering why I am writing about PCR. Am I getting a commission? No. A free book? No. I am writing because I love her madly. It’s true! She is a pure essence of Divine Light and I want you to know that you are supported by people like Patricia Cota-Robles. She is kind, giving and pure. I can prove it:


If you’re local to Denver, go here:, April 17th, FREE seminar in Colorado. I will be there!

Listen to PCR for free:

I will let you discover the rest for yourself. Search her, there are youtube videos and more. Lastly, I wish to ask you a favor. How would you like to sink yourself into the PCR vibe even more? The Free Seminar coming to Colorado this Sunday needs volunteers! You will have a wonderful time. You will be showered with gratitude by the PCR team. Contact Linda Cox ( and tell her I sent you! I truly do hope you can make this event, it only happens every two years.


Love, light and blessings,



More: Read this lightBLOG from the World Congress on Illumination 2013 (with PCR):





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