I wrote, worked, prayed and channeled for sixteen years before I decided to stop denying the “other” part of myself. Raw & Real exposes me in a new way. It makes me vulnerable. And to be honest, I am not quite comfortable with it. Not yet.

Join me in this journey. I look forward to your feedback.


Managing Empathy

“If you are to deliver any information to another person, it should be clear. And concise. Clear, as in a message free of clutter. Free of your emotions. How can I be a clear channel if I am sensing grief around me every time I connect to my Guides? We must know if we have empathed something because we carry it. Those things are not messages for others, they are clutter….”

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Why Asking Questions Brings You Closer to Your Guides

What we are sensing from others is energy. Horizontal energy. It’s dangerous because it can find openings in our fields (like self-doubt) and get in. The door/crack/window/fissure isn’t usually shut afterward and suddenly we are being infiltrated with negativity. Or entities.

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Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

What is your gift? I don’t even know my gifts all that well. We don’t have a spiritual gift dictionary, and if there were such a thing, how would it cover the vast array of multi-dimensional, trey-universal, extra, unknown healing possibilities known and unknown? You’re that vast. That extraordinary.

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The Adjustment

…dark times. My mind has a bad habit of going from elated to crash. It’s unreasonable, erratic and most importantly: painful. Just before I began channeling, or hearing my guides clearly and understanding how to set Sacred Space and stay in my vertical Light, I nearly died. I emotionally crashed so badly that I had to be rescued; twice. The comeback was…

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The Raw and Real of Divine Timing (Part 2)

I started this blog (Raw and Real) so I could let my ego have a little sway. When I wrote lightBLOG I felt pressure to give something spiritual in every post without any negative feedback. That isn’t necessarily human. If I am honest, something I usually am to a...

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Surprise, I am moving to… (Part 1)

June 21, 2019 If this were a dear diary note, I would have to start off with my apologies. However, it’s a blog. So let me get you up to date since my last post: -Last fall, I finally convinced husband that it was time to sell our house. We received a full price offer...

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Today Is a Good Day for Something

I wanted to share this raw and real moment because we all face the possibility of distraction, or interference. It could be home, family, work, illness or social media. If we set an agenda, there is the chance it won’t happen. I feel like someone just said, “Chance? More like probability.” I have had those days. Moments where I stare out the window and can’t get to the trees…

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Toxic Energy/People and The Discord Prayer

You are taking responsibility and cleaning up your space. You demand peace, ease and comfort from everyone and everything. You are putting on your ethereal boxing gloves and kicking some energetic booty. Right? Aren’t you ready to be the Divine Light that you are?

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Raw and Real: Grateful for what I am leaving.

Will I always be a steward here? A caretaker of what anchored? How many beings of Light have I asked to help, ground, hold, clear/release, assist? What gnomes/undines/sylphs/salamanders* have I invoked? Angels? Guardians? Ascended Masters? Gods and Goddesses? The plant beings. Animals guides. All my rocks and crystals. My tools enhanced through ceremony. Maybe I should stay.

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