Sparks of Energy Blossom into Healing

Hello! The following is an edited excerpt from a recent Journey To Your Garden meditation. After the meditation, I created a prayer from the message, which is significant to me and I plan to use it daily. I do this occasionally, when information comes through for something I am working to clear, heal or align. The prayer will be posted in my next blog, in it’s new form. The other reason I am posting this is that I was moved by the way my guide described why and how we want. My hope is that this message is a blessing of Light, and helpful to you in some way. -hb

I walk past the classroom, up the stairs to the Tower. I wait at the door; my guide is looking out the window with his hands behind his back. He says, “Come in, sit down.”

The room is octagon, with large windows on every wall. I sit upon a chair, at a wood table. He turns, looking stern. I know now that his sternness means be serious, use your brain, etc. But instead I smile. He sits.

He speaks, “Yes, I see that my energy is becoming more transparent to you, I won’t be able to intimidate you to do the work necessary for your peace and comfort.”

I focus on what I need right now, “Do you have a technique that involves love and support?”

He laughs, “Yes, but you have ignored those in the past, are you ready to be present with—”

I interrupt, “The Presence?”

We laugh, knowing it is a prayer from my prayer book, given to me from my guidance, which includes him. I understand the message. It’s the prayer book, the prayers…I am to use my own prayers, use them and use them.

“And use them.” He tells me, “They are filled with tiny sparks of energy that blossom into full blown healing. Use them. Write more when there is not one for what you are experiencing.”

I nod, “Okay, thank you.”

“Now, the writing from our last personal prayer is getting outdated. You have sufficiently integrated most of it. We will reconstruct it in a few moments, but first take a few moments to feel yourself. What do you feel in this moment?”

I take a breath and feel. With him, in my Garden, I feel light and wonderful. I feel like things are possible, probably and that we are successful, the Lightworkers.

“Yes, very good. Now go beyond your safety here, just a peek and tell me what you feel.”

Just outside my garden, there is vastness, openness and travel. I sense specific energies that go by like ships, worry, fear, aggression. Longing, hope, desperation. I think about how these energies exist outside of Earth. Why are we trying to eliminate them, when they don’t originate here? Then I sense a place of peace. I feel so attracted to this energy that I go to it, sensing that it is okay with my guide.  It’s a planet, yes; a familiar planet and I see happiness there, sharing and little conflict. Finding your talent is encouraged and people do this, they feed and clothe each other, protect each other; but then I see that it’s managed. It’s a controlled community, an experiment where people are given air to breathe, water to use, but they can’t travel, they don’t even know travel. They are not free.

“What is this place?” I ask my guide.

He replies, “We call it a façade. It’s pretend freedom. It is time to come back, they will notice the energy penetration if we stay.”

In a moment, I am back in the tower. I think about the planning and organizing a project like that would take. Why? What purpose?

“It’s all part of the grand experiment. Learning, coping.”

I think out loud, “So when people are given challenges, small ones, one at a time they learn to cope. When they are able to live responsibly with their ability to create via thought, the restrictions are lifted. Are we that way?”

He laughs, “No, dear one, not at all. Earth is a free reign planet; people are creating chaos on a regular basis. Chaos breeds here like an epidemic of highest proportion. From the early times, the ones documented in your history, people have been given so much and misused. We are abundantly clear: Earthlings are selfish. They use power to create happiness, because they think they don’t have it. They use money to buy things, forgetting what they have. It looks like insanity from here.”

Alarmed, I say, “I do it, don’t I?”

“Yes, beloved, you do.” He tells me.

“How can I clean that up?” I wonder.

He explains, “Consciousness is the easiest way. If you move into therapy and assessing, it becomes convoluted, one will judge harshly and then the energy is fruitless. Stay present and understand motivation. What motivates you? Teach others about motivation. You have recently stated you would like a new bed pillow, your motivation is comfort. That works in the Third Dimension. But when the motivation is love and emotion, things skew. Ones seeking love from an object are often disappointed. The object is unreliable, unfaithful and fickle. Do you understand?”

I try, “Yes. Like when someone buys a car, they feel that it will make them feel powerful or satisfied in someway, then the car may have issues, or cost too much and the feeling is usurped by stress. Resentment and confusion set in and happiness is lost.”

Nodding, he says, “Yes, now apply that concept to a larger item, larger than a house or city or state.”

“Beyond country and land?” I ask. “I would apply it to humanity. Are we the great purchase? Does someone expect happiness if we succeed?”

He answers, “Not plainly, no. But ultimately, yes. Creator, your Source and Divining Light, is in the business of satisfaction. But what wants satisfied? The ego, well, yes of course. The emotions? Indeed. All aspects and relative perceptions seek satisfaction.”

Again, I ponder, “We place ourselves here, our souls desire satisfaction.”

“Yes. Simply speaking, yes,” he replies.

I ask, “Please tell me, what can I do about that?”

Tenderly, he tells me, “Be in touch with your soul, ask what the desire is. State the desire to your guides and watch for the result. You have spoken this to many, and you use this discipline at times, but it must be made a practice, not a random reference.”

Gratefully, I say, “Yes, thank you. How can I make this information into a prayer?”

He tells me, “We will help you. You are working today and it is time to go and be in your life. Be present and courageous. Write things for people, they need to know how to direct themselves, and trust is an issue. You will teach others to trust themselves, it will happen.”

I reply, “Thank you.”

“There is one more thing,” he reaches out, his hands cover mine, and I look into his face. He is bearded with brown hair and blue eyes, but then his eyes change to brown and I watch his face move into another form, then another, then quickly many faces are visible, one after the other.

I ask, “What am I seeing?”

He tells me, “Lifetimes.”

I begin to feel dizzy, I close my eyes and it’s all still there.

“Ask,” he says, “Take something from each time we have known each other.”

I form my request into a prayer, “Father, Mother, God/Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is, please help me to integrate a gift from each lifetime or experience that I am shown. Please help me to receive and attune to these energies and lessons. I allow only pure Christ Consciousness Light, thank you and amen.”

He continues, “Very good. Now how would you like to use this info?”

Still forming prayer, “I ask for help in service and expanse through all safe and secure channels, including my own speaking and writing and teaching. Thank you and amen.”

“Yes. What principles?” he asks.

After a moment of thought, I say, “I offer myself is service through the highest accordance of Light, with integrity, peace, ease and comfort. I ask for help with divine timing, giving and receiving, healing and being healed.”

“Yes. What opinion do you have?”

This one scares me a bit, but I reply, “I ask for help in understanding, releasing judgment and using my own senses to help myself and others in the Third Dimension. I ask that my knowledge, wisdom and understanding be present with my intelligence and memory, and that I always be guided by the highest resources or Divine Light of the I Am Presence.”

With a smile, he leans back, releasing my hands, and tells me, “Indeed. Now, you have your new prayer. If people cannot not meditate to receive their prayers, give them one in a session or type it out for them. We are all in need of assistance and working together develops strong energy creations, ones that heal and align and bless and create.

“Please, do not doubt your faith and your reason for incarnating.”

Knowing he is complete, I say a silent prayer of gratitude and exit my garden.

Thank you and amen.


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