Journey to Your Garden Meditation Classes

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NEXT CLASS: Level 1 (not scheduled at this time, please contact Holly!)

Level 1: Four Weeks
Join us for this teleclass. All meditations are recorded and MP3s provided. See outline below.
Please email holly(at) with questions.
$200 (Repeat students check with Holly for discounts.)
Repeat students are welcome to drop-in for any class at a discount!

After level one, you will have the opportunity to continue exploring your Garden with Holly via guided meditations.

Monthly Practice Class
Please contact Holly to be placed on the mailing list for Journey Practice Class.
Prerequisite: students must have completed Level 1 in order to attend a monthly practice class.
Level 1 graduates can register for any single class and receive the recording to work with on their own, even if they cannot attend the class.

Level 2: Continued Exploration of Your Garden
Available in Longmont, Colorado AND on the phone via teleclass!
Prerequisite: students must have completed Level 1 in order to attend the Level 2 or any of the individual classes within the Level 2 series.
Level 1 graduates can register for any single class and receive the recording to work with on their own time, even if they cannot attend the class at the time/place it is being offered.


The Level 1 class will teach you a complete meditation technique over four weeks. You will learn how to:

  • use prayer to set sacred space, ground and connect to Source
  • do a Light Raising Meditation
  • clear chakras and energy centers
  • locate your safe place and sacred garden
  • establish a relationship with your guardian angel, ethereal teacher and ethereal doctor
  • identify pure Christ Consciousness Light Beings
  • read symbols and messages
  • ask your guidance questions and receive answers
  • meditate safely
  • use protocol and responsibility

Class includes:

  • MP3 recording of each class
  • question & answer time for your clarity & highest learning
  • integrity, confidentiality, safety
  • detailed information on meditation & communication with your guides, angels, ascended masters & pure Light beings
  • education on how to create a spiritual practice


Please email the following information to Holly:

  • Contact info: full name, address, phone, email
  • Attendance: telephone attendee or in-person (Longmont, Colorado)
  • Status: first or repeat student (discounts apply to any class you have previously taken)
  • Payment: your preferred method (cash, check, credit card) $200

Holly will email you directions for attendance and payment information.

To prepare for meditation have these things ready:

  • notebook dedicated to Journey to Your Garden (have a pen or two)
  • meditation crystal or rock of your choice (citrine or smokey quartz recommended)
  • comfortable straight back chair so your feet can be on the floor
  • water

Please be ready for class 15 minutes early. Come early or sit and journal at home before the call, try to remain quiet and calm. Use the restroom to avoid meditation time emergencies.


What people are saying about Journey to Your Garden:

“Hello! I have taken this class 3 times and learned a great deal about myself each time. It taught me to visualize and create a safe place to go and reach my guides on my terms. You will learn to create heaven on earth…your private haven. It is deep, profound and fun. Perfect for these times on our beloved planet…You have nothing to lose.. and every thing to gain.” (Jeri )

“The Journey to Your Garden meditation has provided me the sacred blueprint and structure to work at a deeply profound spiritual level. The meditation is an expansive and multifaceted metaphor of both my psyche and spirit. “The Garden” becomes the place I yearn to return to again and again… for behind its sacred gate, truth awaits.” (Belinda)

“I wanted to thank you for class last night. Although, I wonder what it is that I actually did, it was the first time that I felt like maybe I could connect. Maybe I could “talk” to my helpers, angels, source, etc. So, thank you. I am also reminding myself that it is safe to see.” (Laura)

“The time spent with Holly was amazing, it really taught me tools that I still use to clear and feel connected. I have used my inner garden as a way to heal, for insights into receiving more, and bring awareness to places I didn’t know how to access on my mental plane. I would recommend this class to anyone.” (Mira Claire,

“Thank you, Holly! Your garden meditation gave me a beautiful meditation to use to get in touch with my guidance. I love to visit my garden, especially on those days when I feel a little lost – it always lifts me up.” (Debbie)

“Holly’s garden meditation is a must… Journey to the Garden is one you definitely want to take!”  (Stephanie Roth,

(After completion of Journey –  Level Two.) I would like to first say Thank You, for being who you are and so graciously working with me and our group. Thank you for your teaching, guidance and especially your humor. I appreciate that you are “real”. I have experienced so much healing since the first garden meditation and from the reading you did for me in December. It is hard to find the words to express my gratitude. I would love to continue with the group … it is my heart’s desire to continue on this path and to go forward with gentleness. (MT, Longmont, CO)

$40 per class/$210 pre pay (repeat students: $30 per class/$180 pre pay)