Spiritually Managing Political Views

-Negativity is its own breakfast. -Loving one and other has a much higher impact than hating. You may hate an action, but be careful where you place the weapon of hate. It is like housing a skunk, the stench remains long after the animal has vacated. . . . → Read More: Spiritually Managing Political Views

The New Gratitude List

I heard something in a reading.

This may seem like an odd statement, considering I was the one giving the reading, but it’s true. During sessions, I feel as if I am talking and listening at the same time. What I “hear” may not jive with what I say…

Weekly, on my Ho’oponopono conference call . . . → Read More: The New Gratitude List

Should I take a workshop?

Diana Saunders, Cami Walker (author of 29 Gifts) and Holly Burger, at Cami's workshop.

I could start this with ‘confessions of…’ but I have to admit I am the opposite. I am workshop resistant. This might be due to lack of funds; I have often thought of what I would do with education . . . → Read More: Should I take a workshop?

Clean negative thinking, the self will shine…

In my dream she understands who she is.

Sarah (a pseudonym) is a lovely, confident woman. She is approaching her sixth decade of life and working through a deep yearning. Sarah yearns for love.

Before I dreamed of Sarah, during a recent session, we talked about the emotions behind desire. The guides spoke about cravings, . . . → Read More: Clean negative thinking, the self will shine…