Emerson Wrote For Me!

Working with guides is strange, you just write what they say. But later, when reading it as others might, sometimes I wonder, will they understand? Today I researched “Oversoul”. I came across something very … . . . → Read More: Emerson Wrote For Me!

Inverted Energy, The Worst Vacuum Ever

I created a vacuum because I was afraid and it sucked what scared me into me. … what I want to emphasize is that we pull ourselves back because something scares us, like a judgment. And when a judgment reaches our very sensitive psyche, we identity it as our own. My vacuum, which brought back jealousy or insecurity or resentment that someone else was feeling didn’t come with labels. Each time I did this, I supplied myself with a stream of insecurities. And I thought they were mine. (Holly Burger www.LightworkersAlliance.com) . . . → Read More: Inverted Energy, The Worst Vacuum Ever

Connect With High Self Meditation

Deeply connect with mother Earth during this guided meditation by Holly Burger of LightworkersAlliance.com. After grounding you will reach high above with your core energy to connect with your High Self. Imagine clearing and healing in a short meditation while sitting comfortably in a chair! This is a freeeeeee meditation, just for you and your . . . → Read More: Connect With High Self Meditation

Client asks: Do you ever get really afraid…?


Question from client:

Hi Holly,

I feel corny asking this but do you ever get really afraid when you hear “end of the world” scenarios? Some groups are running around spouting about it. And all of a sudden I will just get a shockwave of panic run through me. So I give myself as . . . → Read More: Client asks: Do you ever get really afraid…?

New website and Steve called…

There are two messages in this announcement:

LightworkersAlliance.com has a whole new look! Check out the site; see the new organization with oodles of information for Lightworkers and light dabblers.

The top menu has a new category: lightBLOG. Now we have a place to talk. I will share about meditations, prayers, tools and more for . . . → Read More: New website and Steve called…