Happy Maternal Energy Day

Loving yourself opens a vault in the subconscious mind; a new place for love to reside. More love within, more abilities to see what is lovable. . . . → Read More: Happy Maternal Energy Day

2016 Free Meditation with Holly – Recording!



Today is January 31st, I think it’s legally the last day I can wish you Happy New Year. ; )

YOU are the light!

New Year’s Blessings to you! I am fresh off my first first Free Meditation Call of 2016 . . . → Read More: 2016 Free Meditation with Holly – Recording!

Emerson Wrote For Me!

Working with guides is strange, you just write what they say. But later, when reading it as others might, sometimes I wonder, will they understand? Today I researched “Oversoul”. I came across something very … . . . → Read More: Emerson Wrote For Me!

Do pets go to heaven?


YES!!! Heaven is for souls, not people.

But here is how I know.

This guy, Bill, came for a reading last week. I have known him for years, but haven’t seen him for six months or so. The guides are talking to Bill about connecting with the fifth dimension (heaven) and I see . . . → Read More: Do pets go to heaven?

A Morning Message About Self Love

After I had a chuckle at myself I looked around at the house I’ve been in for over twenty years, the safe, solid, precious home that I love. I looked at my chubby legs and thought, “I love you. You are mine and I love you.” I thought about Facebook likes versus what it means to be part of someone’s foundation. I mean really, if I have more Facebook likes does that mean that I am doing my soul’s work? . . . → Read More: A Morning Message About Self Love