I invite you to disregard the gender reference of Mother’s Day and move into concepts of Divine Feminine, which are embodied in every person. Every man, woman and child. We all carry maternal instincts and Divine Femininity. Let’s look at Mother’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate the loving, nurturing, healing, listening aspects that reside within each of us.

My beautiful mother, Sharon.

My beautiful mother, Sharon.

Are you respected? Understood? Nurtured? Witnessed? Heard? Praised? Appreciated? This “holiday” is the perfect opportunity to ask the Divine Feminine attributes that feather into every cell of your being how they are doing. Ask about their third dimensional experience, don’t get too spiritual just yet. If you say that things are how they should be and Divine Order is at hand, you will miss a very important part of our Earth lessons.

Earth lesson one: Remember how to create. Not be created, how to create. Every creator is a mother, the birther of cosmic essence and other lowly practical things like the rules of the house. We create happiness, order, peace and more. So take this time to discover if you are honoring your creative self. The part of you that remembers to get fuel for your vehicle so you don’t end up stranded on the side of a road somewhere wondering why you didn’t remember.

Next lesson/idea/suggestion: Know what you need and want and desire. Have you ever wished so hard for someone to be giving and then feel disappointed about the gift? That is a passive aggressive override. Stop it. If you want a gift, explain it to someone. For instance, “I love when people give me flowers.” Please, don’t sabotage yourself by doing this at 11pm the eve of a holiday. Start now, begin giving your wanting-self a voice. A solid, strong, respectful voice.

Never, ever, ever let yourself live with co-dependency. BIG lesson. Why? Because it is the most unsatisfying, miserable, belittling existence. Co-dependency tells your maternal instincts to care for everyone but yourself. It lets you think you can run on fumes because someone else needs you more. The funny thing about co-dependency is that you actually make up what you think people need. Stop that. Finding your voice is one of the most empowering things a person can do, don’t take that away from a loved one.

You are One with Divine Universal Love.

You are One with Divine Universal Love.

Last lesson of the day: Love yourself more. More than anyone else loves you and more than you love anyone else. It’s just silly not to. This doesn’t mean you love your children/partner/pets less, it means that you love yourself for finding them. For being there for them. You can love yourself for chores and duties and obligations because you have the consciousness and ability to do them. Without that self-love you cannot truly embrace the love you have for another. If this sounds like a farce, find someone who is there and ask them to explain the difference. Loving yourself opens a vault in the subconscious mind; a new place for love to reside. More love within, more abilities to see what is lovable.

On this Divine Feminine/Maternal Honoring/Mother’s Day, I encourage you to rearrange old thinking, expound useless paradigms and align with the true Divinity within you. Honor yourself in the special way you choose. A devotional letter of appreciation and gratitude? Popcorn for dinner? A new piece of jewelry? A call to an old friend? Possibly even a gift for your mother, why not?

Give, receive. Do it today and practice every time you remember. Open your consciousness to the Divine flow of Unconditional Love. You are a shining Light, a Universal Star. Loving yourself, respecting who and what you are is your truth. Dive into remembering and smile in the mirror today.

Blessing of love to you,