I was trying to write a LIGHTblog about summertime being here, but all I could think about was the fact that dates keep sneaking up on me. I feel like I can’t plan enough to be prepared for everything.

What is that about? When I ask my guides they tell me that my perceptions are shifting, time and space appear to spread apart, then come together again. All the while, I am aging and living. They tell me to listen to this meditation once a week: Time Management Meditation (From my monthly Sunday Free Meditations).

Seriously, I thought I could listen to that meditation just one time and have the benefits forever. (And ever.) That relates to many concepts I have about enacting energies once and expecting them to stick. For instance, I received Reiki last week. Shouldn’t that hold for a while?

“No,” my guides tell me, “have another session.”

There are things that I am okay with repeating, like brushing your teeth. I am good with that. I like to meditate a lot, but I don’t have the schedule of perfection worthy of my beautiful Light guidance. Every week I have a conference call with two fabulous women to clean with Ho’oponopono. Is that enough? Apparently not, because I am in want. I want smooth communication with everyone. I want clear thoughts about material manifestation and astounding results from the Universe. I want to be in service to others with my Lightwork.

When I ask my guides about want, they respond with visualizations. What? I request an explanation. (Asking may seem like common sense, yet sometimes I forget that I can ask and ask and ask! And ask.) They show me dream boards, writing and clarity of thought. All of it points in the same direction: I am confusing them. Clarity is the key.

Really? If they are confused, what am I? I already know the answer to that one: creating. It’s not uncommon. Are you creating from confusion? How direct are your thoughts? How certain are your desires?

After many “perfectly unanswered prayers”, I tend to stand in this position: Creator, Source, I Am Presence, let me know what I need to stay in alignment with my Divine path of Light, happiness and service.

This should open the doors to let God run my life, one would think. But no, it surrenders my mind. It surrenders my creative flow, thought process and manifestation flow. You see, if I turn my wants over to Source, I go right back to the beginning. Beyond the field of free will is another place that holds our original idea and it usually looks like this: Incarnate. Learn. Clear and heal. Transmute negativity. Be in service to Earth, humanity and self.

If that is my truest, divinest possibility, and soul intention, what am I supposed to do in the Third Dimension? Look for ways to obey! Of course, I would be obeying myself, hopefully through Creator, in alignment with pure Light and in service to Divine Will. (Amen.) This takes me right back to mind. And that drasted ego. Drasted is a word, isn’t it? I think it means dad-blasted, gosh, darn, maybe-wanna-curse, feeling helpless, something-or-other. The ego.

How do we circumvent the ego? It’s one fourth of our compilation of physical, mental (ego), emotional and spiritual bodies. Luckily, I know the answer, it’s discipline. Now we have come full circle. Our balance is sustained with meditation, follow through and consistency. For me, it’s all about the art of making it work.

If I can’t sit for a Journey to Your Garden meditation, I read a prayer to set the energy for my day. I pray for guidance so that I can write my wants, needs and desires with clarity, reflecting my aspirations and my service to Creator. (Amen.) Making it work requires forgiveness, extending the olive branch and patience. I must choose my thoughts with clarity and pray for negative thinking to be transmuted by Light. Compassion is a key element in positive thinking, I claim both.

I am my own greatest resource. Someday I will pass from this Earth and return to the arms of Father/Mother/God, uniting with my Creator and becoming the resource. But until then, I will take this living thing seriously. I choose to look to the future, plan when appropriate and let spontaneity bless me. I choose loving interactions with people, rewarding experiences and giving without expectations.

I allow Source to hold the knowledge I can’t manage, trusting that I will receive it if necessary. My goals are organized, understood and I am in surrender to the pace of creation I have chosen. I hold this consciousness in place of my desire to know everything: I know what I need to know in the moment. I am in the right place at the right time and I will feel, emote, process and heal as necessary and when appropriate.

In service, allowing, searching, learning, giving, receiving, aligning and healing. I Am That, I Am.

Each moment is an opportunity to re-align ourselves in our Pillars of Light. Please use my words directly or as inspiration to create your own experience. Our translucency is coming; our energy bodies are morphing into the clarity of higher frequencies. Make it easy on yourself, meditate, align and breathe.

I Am seeing you blessed,