For the past few years I have enjoyed offering readings for $99 in July (and December). This year, the summer dates have changed, but the special still runs! It’s fun to get in touch with people that are excited about this special and it always reminds me that people love a bargain. I wanted to remind you that spirituality is FREE! It’s a gift from within each of us. Our connection to the divine, our pillar of Light, our guides, ANGELS, ascended masters…. ALL FREE!

When I started doing readings, I felt conflicted about money and charging people for my work. Guess what comes to a person radiating worry, confusion, self-doubt and general insecurity? Oh, maybe, you probably guessed it: worry, confusion, doubt and insecurity! I attracted confrontation. I didn’t know how I could charge for the Light that was flowing through me, it didn’t seem right when people were struggling and hurting and suffering. My mind was on the struggle, my experience was on the struggle. That energy attracted people to ask me, “How can you charge for this if its a gift from God?”

How can I?

What people asked me was mild compared to what I asked myself. I felt conflicted about choosing spirituality as my work; I was searching for a way to live, pay my expenses and still be spiritual. This began in 2002, when I started channeling. Luckily, I had a great tool to use for questions. I went into my meditation garden. (Journey to Your Garden, if you are curious.) I asked my guides, “How can I charge for readings?” The answer changed my life. This is how they replied:

Do you charge for readings? What else is happening when a person is sitting in front of you? What preparation have you taken to ensure their comfort and peace? What did you do previous and what will you do after each reading? You don’t charge for the reading, dear one, you are requesting exchange for many things, including your time and efforts. You would like exchange for education, yes? You are looking for commitment, energy exchange, and this can present itself through finances in your world of dimension. It is up to you, when, how and under what circumstances you offer your gifts. But please remember, an unwell channel will be less clear. Even an unhappy channel can struggle with clarity. Find comfort for you and your client. Find an appropriate exchange. Look for levels of light and permission.

As they spoke I saw a formula:  $ = time, energy, effort and education

I started with $40. Some people complained, mirroring my insecurity. Then there were the angelic hearts, the ones that listened so intently and soaked the information into their being with such respect that I began to like myself, I began to grow in confidence. Some people would come back, some people would refer others; many of these people are still in my life eleven years later. When I charged $80, strange things started happening. People would pay me more than I asked. I had received tips and the occasional gratitude bonus, but when it happened more often than not I asked my guides about money, again.

In meditation, in my garden, I was shown that money is energy. When we show up (when I show up) financially its an expression of commitment. Not because spirit believes money is energy, but because I believe it. I live in a money oriented society, a participate in a monetary system.

Eventually, my readings went to $120.Currently, I charge $200 per reading. There are people on this planet that tell me to charge more. (MORE!?) Instead, I offer a sliding scale to $100. Are you getting the funny part of this? $99 readings are always available. Readings and spiritual help are always available. Most readers and healers will listen to a good story and recognize the need for help. Most will answer a call from Spirit to assist. There are people that pay me less. When people ask me about a reading, we talk and while the conversation is happening I ask my guides what to do. Are they in need of my help? How can I be of service?

Sometimes I get funny answers. I have heard things like, “Ask them how much their blue jeans cost.” I don’t do this, it seems offensive to me, but I looked at a label and did some research. What I found out is that our vain society is more interested in looking fabulous than feeling fabulous. At least in the case of fancy blue jeans vs. spiritual reading and clearing…

What’s the moral of this story? Don’t be afraid to invest in your spirituality. (Says the channel!?) Don’t be afraid to ask. Ask for help. Ask for assistance. Ask for ways to experience what you want and still stay in your budget. Ask, ask, ask. Know the difference between enabling your insecurities and clearing their origin. Is it cheaper to clear a block to exercise or drink caffeine for a boost? Is it cheaper to heal or hurt?

For now, I am asking, “Do you want a $99 reading?”

In love and light,