Decree of Life


There is a sweet time in the morning for meditation. It’s just after I wake up and before my workday starts, ideally 5am. I don’t always start that early, but I like to. The street outside is quiet, neighborhood dogs are sleeping, phones aren’t ringing. People are moving slowly, just breaking open their day.

Ultra-spiritual types should have a strict regime of meditation and yoga, right? I wish I could say that I did… but I don’t. Sometimes I sleep in, or get busy. Occasionally I do a tiny check-in on the computer and get lost in email, or (I confess) Facebook©. When my mental body won’t rest, or surrender, for meditation I might journal; writing down my thoughts is like a machete cutting through my mind-jungle. Each thought gets laid aside. I also write previous to meditating, downloading my thoughts, worries, concerns.

My sister gave me an old laptop that still lives, barely. I treat it like a grandfather with dementia; it stays in a restricted area and gets lots of respect. It can tell great stories, but the memory isn’t reliable, so I save things on a flash drive. This computer is what I use to document my meditations, when I am not using my journal. Handwriting causes two problems for me: it is slower than typing and my hand gets tired. Typing is the least distracting way of writing what my guides tell me during meditation.

People often misunderstand my gifts. Hearing the guides is not like a waterfall that constantly flows; it’s a faucet that I turn on and off. I would love to leave it on, but my life is full of ego and personality, which is contrary to ethereal energies. I work in elevated energies to channel, which are not conducive to driving and walking down stairs (ask me how I learned that…). When I work in upper dimensions I find it hard to retain the information. Readings float away quickly, as well as my meditations. Writing is my part of my meditation practice.

When people share their favorite part of a reading that I gave them, I feel so happy! Alli once said, “Show me a Divine creation, now show me one step toward it.” Wow! I wrote it down on a sticky note and put it on my monitor. I reminded her of it a few weeks later, at one of those times when life wasn’t opening quickly enough. She said “That’s not my quote, you told me that in a reading.” What!?

I mention this because there are jewels floating around out there that I have forgotten. But not the Decree of Life. These words were given to me in meditation. Generally, I keep my meditations to myself; sharing them sort of feels like letting strangers into my closet. My meditations are my personal space, my sacred experiences. Yet I was told to write this one down, so I typed the Decree of Life on that trusty old laptop early one morning.  When I read it I felt energy moving, releasing and healing so significantly that I sent it to a few friends, who shared incredibly positive feedback. So now I am sharing this writing with you. Please note, Decree of Life was given to me at a specific moment in time, it holds keys and healing that are specifically for me. Your perfect version may come about after a few alterations. Feel free to change it to serve you in the highest way. The first obvious change is the year 2011 is now 2012.

December 9, 2011
(my words are in italics, my guide’s words are in quotation)

St. Germain, Melchizedek, Archangel Ariel, and Archangel Michael are with me! I go to my sacred meditation garden.

Thank you for the remarkable healings at Connect With Spirit, last Wednesday.
I would like to ask questions about my work.

“Please speak. But let us move to a new location.”

We go to the tall tower of Metatron; the wooden desk, window, all the same as I remember. St. Germain stays by the door and I sit across from Metatron. I ask to see his light to ensure that he carries Christ Consciousness Light, he does. His light shows me clear and pure color; gentleness, maturity, then back to a strong edgy man. He is large, bearded, muscular, and is wearing leather clothes. I look to St. Germain, and ask if I am safe. “Yes, beloved, more so than ever.”

“You’ll want to write this.” Metatron speaks to me. I am typing, on my computer, but he has pen and paper there. I am puzzled.

St. Germain speaks, “Writing here changes things, it is communication with the soul, sometimes rearranging patterns, releasing karma, and more.”

Okay. I pick up the pen and look to Metatron. “I am safe,” he nods, “write it.”

I write…


I am safe.

I am productive in my lifetime on planet Earth, year 2011AD.

I willingly allow myself as a tool for the divine consciousness of the Christed I Am Presence of my dimensional reality and the oversoul of my existence.

From this moment forward, I release myself from obligations to endanger myself for the sake of others.

My soul, body, and spirit are in the sacred care of the I Am Presence and I willingly allow myself to be taken care of by the Divine I Am Presence.

Thought, religion, opinions and advice are less important to me than guidance, divinity, healing and Light.

In any form, I choose Light, the essence of the I Am, over all other choices.

No matter how far I must climb, I will find the high road. This means, no matter the difficultly, I will live in Light and truth versus suffering, lies, guilt, shame or greed.

My (energetic) cleanliness, clears the divine path, for I am the voice of God/Goddess, therefore I commit to be free of negative entities, thought forms, implants, isolations, influences and outcomes.

I offer my sleep in service, with the health of my physical body as priority.

I turn each page in the book of my life with perfect timing, effort and grace.

I harm no one and no thing.

I breath, expel, intake and move about on my planet with peace, ease, grace and comfort; offering each step as a step of service and alignment with the path that serves the divinity of goodness that grows now.

I offer my communications in service to Christ Light. I willingly work for Christ Consciousness Light and offer my whole being in clarity and freedom for such communication.

In alignment with my soul commitments, I walk the walk of life.

My fun, my voice, my giving, my gratitude, my charity, are all in service to Christ Consciousness Light and the divinity of the I Am.

Supremely, coherently and consciously, I bring Light to my body and allow it to nourish and heal me, and others, according to the scriptures of heaven. I will follow my soul path, and honor the paths of others, without confusion or desire.

I will release as decreed by the Divine. I allow gentle, breeze-like movements to change things in my life, one agreeable moment at a time.

I will meditate, or find another way to maintain my communication with pure Light and the servants of Christ Consciousness Light.

I will succeed in balance, currency awareness and honor.

I will respect the decisions made by others and by my own heart, mind, soul or spirit.

I will love, honor and respect my choices, without regret, demeaning or hate, especially of self.

From this moment forward, I will love myself without conditions. Surrender myself without fear and follow the footsteps before me without doubt. I allow myself all levels of security and safety. I allow myself help, foundation and resources. I allow myself time, effort, productivity, success and gratitude from others. I allow myself payment, trade, gifts, wealth, health and savings. I allow myself food, nourishment, health, and healing. I allow myself timeliness, understanding and surrender. I allow myself peaceful interactions, balanced exchange and universal government. I allow myself travel, companionship and friendship. I allow myself faith, trust and lovability. I allow myself assessment for the safety of peace and comfort.

I am a loving being of Christ Consciousness Light. My journey is one of Divinity, planning and accuracy. I work in alignment with the Divine and follow only pure Light in my mind, outworkings and prayer. My peaceful journey is highly protected, effortless as possible and absolutely productive.

In my service, I will allow for my own protection through all avenues and happenings. I may feel invisible or unheard; I will allow this when it protects me. I may feel hated or unloved; I allow this when it protects me. My understanding of service grows in each moment and this decree increases my understanding of life, choices and soul commitments.

In closing, I recognize that I am not alone. My team and coordinates are created with thought and precision and in service, I am here as I choose and portray the Divinity that I Am.

Decree of Light Written by Holly Burger
The words of Metatron, from meditation on 12/9/11.


Metatron was pacing with his hands behind his back through this dictation. At the end he looked out the window, then to me, and it was over. I looked at St. Germain, he nodded and we left.

I felt love, but wonder why Metatron seems distant. St. Germain explains, “Metatron does not need to portray to you what you should know about yourself. In fact, he will appear cold if you do not vibrate the unconditional love that resides within.”

Are you saying that he is reflecting me? “Somewhat.”

It’s my doubt.

“Somewhat.” He smiles and I understand that we have a healing contract; Metatron and I have an information contract. Very interesting!

St. Germain gives me something; he extends his hand… it is a diamond. I am so touched and I don’t know what to say. “Take it you have earned it.”


“You have worked and reflected and given and this reflective stone is now yours. It may manifest in your life, or you may choose otherwise. Regardless, it is with you now.”

There is something here I will have to open up later, something about my love or respect of diamonds and a history with them.

I accept the ethereal present. I give St. Germain a daisy and I place one at Metatron’s door in my mind. With deep gratitude, I exit my meditation.


Spiritual journeys are not only for those consciously on a spiritual path. I have given readings to proclaimed atheists and agnostics. There are always those moments where we open up and something comes in, it may seem like an ephiphany or coincidence, an awakening or realization. Regardless of label, I believe Decree of Life is one of those spiritual gifts that dances without a visible partner. Whether we believe or acknowledge, our ethereal teams are there. They are ready for us, for our requests and prayers.

If you feel moved, please share Decree of Life with others, including the credits that are listed below the writing. Thank you, God/Goddess bless you.

Many blessings,


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