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Thank you for your interest in Connect With Spirit. These classes are either live or via tele-conference. You do not need a computer to participate in tele-classes.

SAVE by registering early! We strongly encourage RSVP to help the chair people. Those are the people that set out chairs for our groups. Holly also likes a head count, just in case she brings everyone a gift. Please RSVP. Save the chair people, maybe get a gift.


Welcome to the information page for Connect With Spirit classes. You can participate in-person or via telephone. Our two formats offer platforms for you no matter where you are. 


 Live CWS


The next CWS is in Denver on November 9, 2014 from 1pm-3pm at North Highland Presbyterian Church. You can register by making a payment here. All are welcome to join this group of spiritual seekers. Registration is $20 until 1 week before event, $25 after. Recordings available, register by making your payment or contact Holly.

To request a small-group Connect With Spirit class, contact holly(at)


Tele-Connect With Spirit is a 90 minute call for your questions. Enjoy this Q&A format by emailing your spiritual questions to: holly(at) All classes are recorded.These classes are done on the telephone with a conference call service. Alli, Holly’s Virtual Assistant, moderates these calls while Holly brings forth messages and guidance. Contact Holly to schedule a Tele-CWS class.

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 More about Connect With Spirit


Connect With Spirit (CWS) is an interactive channeling group that meets in Denver, over thetelephone via conference calls, and out in the world when Holly travels. This popular class features Holly speaking from the wisdom of her guides.

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Members of the audience participate in a question and answer format, many claim that others ask things that they were thinking about.

Group dynamic is a powerful support to healing and spiritual alignment. Holly uses sacred space for these classes, as she does in all her work, which enables clear messages to reach each participant from their personal guides, angels, ascended masters and other pure Light beings.

As a emissary, or channel, for these messages Holly believes that the integrity and purity of Light are of the utmost importance. She relaxes into a meditative state remaining aware of Christ Consciousness Light and speaking via her High Self. She opens to spiritual guidance and releases her mind/opinions to bring forth information. With love and light-hearted humor, these classes are renowned for creating opportunities for spiritual growth, expanding awareness and spontaneous healing!

To schedule a Connect With Spirit class at your location, contact Holly via email or 303-956-0334. CWS classes are usually $20 and last approximately two hours. If money is a problem, please contact Holly or class host. Don’t let finances stop your spiritual growth! Offer something as an energy exchange. Use your voice, communicate. Ask.



What are participants saying about CWS?

Thanks so much for your work; it’s so important to get an objective LARGER view of some situations, for me, especially in family dynamics.  When I am part of the system, it’s difficult to honestly assess the way it works without a perspective like the one (s ) that you provide.

—I am very grateful for Holly’s service through this time of exciting personal expansion.

—CWS helped me move deeper into trusting my own experiences and abilities to connect, introduced me to like-minded people and gave me spiritual confidence.

—Thanks for all your input, help, support, faith, etc. And fun. Mostly fun. It’s nice to be around someone who embodies joy the way you do.

—I just wanted to say thank you for the service you give and offer. To allow people to release in your presence and to carry everything that entails is honorable.

—I deeply value the integrity Holly brings to her work as well as the clarity and sensitivity with which she delivers information. Holly is truly a source of light and inspiration in this world!

From a client:

Holly, Wow! THANK YOU. This was my first time going to a channeling group (vs. a reading). Where to begin with gratitude…I am so thankful for you and your gift. And that you choose to share it with others. I am continually in awe of the light that radiates from you… it’s just amazing every time. And your wonderful humor is always a joy!

I know that it was divine guidance that I was able to come tonight. I felt so many clearings and multiple releases that have helped in my healing, and I am extremely grateful for your part in that. I was very touched tonight more than my words are able to express. My eyes were brimmed with tears towards the end in deep gratitude for all of the help and healing you have guided me towards. I am so overly thankful for your authenticity, light, and love. It’s a treasure to have found someone that I trust to help educate me on my own intuitive path. Thank you once again!




A message from Holly-

In 2002 I was introduced to my High Self council. Shortly thereafter a series of informative channelings came which created twelve classes, you will find them below. I felt sharing this information would assist people in connecting with their spiritual guidance. This is how ‘Connect With Spirit’ was born. Since 2005, many Lightworkers have assisted these on-going classes. The latest expansion is tele-CWS! You can participate from anywhere with your phone or computer. It is my pleasure and honor to be of service to so many, bringing through spiritual answers during these high frequency meetings. This is a message I received for the very first Connect With Spirit class:

The anchoring and expanding of higher frequency ‘light energy’ has taken place in the area of this collection of unified souls gathered for the occasion of your classes. Each person has been delivered an energy, closely resembling a soul alignment. Know that all aspects of each soul are not in use. When soul aspects are awakened there are opportunities for expansion on many levels. We look forward to each individual expression of expansion. Blessings dear ones, your path unfolds in each moment, offer yourselves grace, as we do.

I hope that someday we might meet for a spiritual conversation.

Many blessings,






Connect With Spirit: First Series – Preparing for Service
(these are the first twelve classes, channeled by Holly Burger, please honor copyrights, thank you)


1. Choosing To Remember – Unlocking the archive of memory carried in your cells, choose to awaken and access your past, via bloodline and archetype.

2. Communicating With Spirit – How to ask your guides,angels, ascended masters and your personal guidance team questions and get answers.

3. Discernment – How to interpret divine messages from your guidance out in the world. Learning to perceive and release ego-centered desire to know.

4. Neutralizing Negativity – Getting rid of heavy energy, general discord and negative thought. Learn to create positive energy and joyful living!

5. Balance – Learn about polarities in daily life and consciousness. See how these polarities teach us to create balance without surrendering our selves.

6. Compassion – Healing through loving one’s self and others without judgment or fear. Learn to use Divine Light to create happy relationships.

7. Grounding – Inner strength and outer support. Learn how to stay vertical, grounded and connected to Creator, the I Am Presence, Source of All Things.

8. Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding – Alignment between your heart/emotional body and ego/mental body. Learn to create while loving your ego!

9. Release of Conditioning – Breaking unwanted patterns from all types of history; familial, past life, etc. How to live in the present without restrictions.

10. Responsibility – Learn to release victim thinking and create boundaries by taking responsibility through all levels of self and creation.

11. Protocol – There are just a few steps, or protocol, to keep you safe in spiritual communication. Learn to trust the voice within.

12. Coming Out of the Psychic Closet – How to be your psychic, smart, amazing, guided, spiritual self at a family reunion without shame, guilt or embarrassment.




Through my Divine Light I offer service via voice and station, God send those I serve my way.
-Holly, meditation 2008