Inverted Energy, The Worst Vacuum Ever

I created a vacuum because I was afraid and it sucked what scared me into me. … what I want to emphasize is that we pull ourselves back because something scares us, like a judgment. And when a judgment reaches our very sensitive psyche, we identity it as our own. My vacuum, which brought back jealousy or insecurity or resentment that someone else was feeling didn’t come with labels. Each time I did this, I supplied myself with a stream of insecurities. And I thought they were mine. (Holly Burger . . . → Read More: Inverted Energy, The Worst Vacuum Ever

The Story of Today

Dreaming the story of today.

Today I am sitting on a large rock enjoying a fabulous view of the ocean. When the sun sets, I am hoping for the green flash that sometimes happens. My feet dig into sand and I am slightly cold, yet cozy in a warm jacket.

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Clean negative thinking, the self will shine…

In my dream she understands who she is.

Sarah (a pseudonym) is a lovely, confident woman. She is approaching her sixth decade of life and working through a deep yearning. Sarah yearns for love.

Before I dreamed of Sarah, during a recent session, we talked about the emotions behind desire. The guides spoke about cravings, . . . → Read More: Clean negative thinking, the self will shine…