In my dream she understands who she is.

Sarah (a pseudonym) is a lovely, confident woman. She is approaching her sixth decade of life and working through a deep yearning. Sarah yearns for love.

Before I dreamed of Sarah, during a recent session, we talked about the emotions behind desire. The guides spoke about cravings, where they come from and why we feel emptiness and envy. Sarah talked about a young woman she knew who was recently engaged and expecting her first baby. The young woman’s exuberance was a cloud of bliss around her; she danced and spun her tale of love for everyone to enjoy. Sarah did not enjoy the tale of love, she felt cavernous and empty. Lonely.

Where, Sarah thought, have I gone wrong? What do I have to learn, heal, unblock, experience? Where is my love? Here I am, without love, all alone. There must be something wrong.

Sarah tallied up the obvious issues. Her list included all types of inadequacies; weight, age, and certain past experiences. What else is wrong? What else needs to be fixed, so that love can drift in and make everything soft and fuzzy?

In my dream Sarah is amazing.

She walks into a large house, a mansion. There is buoyancy about Sarah in the dream. She is focused on what she likes about herself, instead of what she doesn’t like. She turned her loathing into loving. She cleaned up her negative thinking; Sarah is shiny and happy.

In the dream I think that she has cleaned, which is a Ho’oponopono term, and now she is shiny. (Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art explained in a moment.)

In the mansion a man studies a wall. He’s making a decision about a piece of art, preoccupied and serious. Sarah approaches and gives her opinion. The man turns to her and falls to his knees weeping. “What?” Sarah asks, alarmed. He says, “Your back, I’ve missed you, you have been gone so long.” He embraces her and she sees.

Sarah sees where she worried and forgot to love herself. She sees where she abandoned the good and wonderful parts of herself so that she could focus on fixing what was bad and wrong. When Sarah ‘shined’ after she ‘cleaned’ she brought something back to life. Somewhere inside, she healed an unloved, rejected person that was always broken and never fixed. Empowered, self-loving and shiny, Sarah found her true love. She found the one that would see her in true light with unconditional love.

When I woke from the dream, I had this thought: clean then shine. Clean then shine. Clean negative thinking, and the self will shine. I thought of the love Sarah had to give herself. I thought of the love I have to give myself. It was enlightening. We work on repairing ourselves as if perfection happens after we are fixed. But the perfection doesn’t come. I can’t think of one person that has stopped trying to improve. There are always those last few pounds, one more book to read, or another skill to learn. We echo inadequacies to each other; we criticize, judge, suggest, point and whisper. Our society is postered with ads suggesting things that will make us better.

There was no advertising in my dream. There was a large home full of love and beautiful, appreciated things. There were two people reflecting inner love for themselves, each other and the home. There were no requests for change or suggestions for improvement.

My interpretation of the dream shows that when we wake up and come home, love is there, waiting for us. It wants us. Love wants us to be that exact frequency, unconditionally. Love isn’t about size or age; it’s about feeling happy in any given moment. Sarah glowed as a loving version of herself. By believing in herself, Sarah healed the former broken, always needing repair example of womanhood she had been living with for many years. Her perfection awakened true love and the man recognized her.

What if we started giving ourselves a day off from feeling imperfect? Try it. Make Mondays a no-critique day. Remember, if you commit to no judging, you can’t judge yourself if you forget. On Monday’s you have to forgive instantly and move on, making your next thought a loving one.

You can use the Ho’oponopono healing technique to clean and clear negative thinking. It’s simple. Just say, “thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry” to the Divine. That’s all there is to it. You can read about Ho’oponopono in Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More by Joe Vitale (Wiley, 2007), or search it on the Net. The concept is easy: forgiveness with gratitude and love. We can all accomplish forgiveness by starting with ourselves.

Try this: Hold a loving thought about yourself in your mind. Feel into it, feel the safety. Erase any message board you have broadcasting that you aren’t perfect and write on it: I love you, thank you. I love myself, thank you. I am fine.

Now, you are clean and shiny!


Written by Holly Burger,, 2011©, copy only with credits and permission.