It’s December. The holiday season. During a reading last week I leaned in (metaphorically speaking) when I heard my guides talking to someone about holiday stress. They explained that we are feeling more than just angst about gifts and religion and family. It’s the end of a calendar year, one that may represent success or . . . → Read More: December

The Story of Today

Dreaming the story of today.

Today I am sitting on a large rock enjoying a fabulous view of the ocean. When the sun sets, I am hoping for the green flash that sometimes happens. My feet dig into sand and I am slightly cold, yet cozy in a warm jacket.

. . . → Read More: The Story of Today

An Addition to the Family

I adopted a new baby! It’s quartz and oh so lovely. Are you a rock fan? I adore the humming healing energy of stones. Last weekend I went to see my friends Karen & Bruce Nagle. They have the most delicious rock and mineral gallery called Hands of Spirit.

When a friend pointed out . . . → Read More: An Addition to the Family

New website and Steve called…

There are two messages in this announcement: has a whole new look! Check out the site; see the new organization with oodles of information for Lightworkers and light dabblers.

The top menu has a new category: lightBLOG. Now we have a place to talk. I will share about meditations, prayers, tools and more for . . . → Read More: New website and Steve called…