Recently I thought about this blog; I haven’t written since last January. What I have done is nearly finish editing Divine Accordance, work on The Initiate and start a new book, Channel Lessons. With my focus on book writing I have neglected other creative endeavors. But I don’t want to loose my connection with this website, the readers and my clients. So, I thought, what do I have to write about?

The next morning, I examined a cabinet in my bedroom. It’s a wonderful old piece I bought at garage sale for five dollars. I asked my husband to remove the old radio from inside and it ended up looking like this. Old Radio Cabinet Wouldn’t it, I thought, be great for… (spring re-arranging)… wait, what’s this? I looked at a stack of notebooks wondering why I kept them in an old radio cabinet next to my bed, then I reach out and choose one. If this were not a spiritual blog, I would say randomly, but it is a spiritual blog so I will say that I was guided. And I do believe that I was because I read these words:

To be aware is almost unawareness (now). Assume you are aware and leave it at that.

Be strong because you are strong. Show your strength by never showing your strength.

Paint your picture with the brush you hold that no one else can touch.

Be true to yourself. Let truth guide you.

Confidence in what you are. A vehicle for your soul. Be aware. Seek knowledge through others. Ground yourself.

Confidence will eliminate distractions that you seek to be rid of. Your goals are within reach. Ask for knowledge on how to capture them.

Notice direction. Eliminate nuisance.

That was written 10-14-92. That may not seem important to you but for me it is incredible, for two reasons. First, there are a few things I give spiritual gratitude for; they are the way I explain how I arrived where I am now. First, I met Rick Lewis in 2001. Rick died a few years ago. His style was aggressive, sharp and demanding. He was a Scorpio, which means that you can get the brush of the Eagle’s feather or the sting of the Scorpion’s tail. He was a dear, sweet man, but we had contracts and Rick fulfilled them. I needed to move and clear and heal. Rick kept me on path no matter how much I cried, hurt or wanted to quit.the yellow notebook

The second thing is a meditation technique and another friend. Rick was a channel, he held a group for Q & A. Ask a spiritual question, get a spiritual answer. Our group became very close, like family. Cindy Fox was from upstate NY. When Cindy offered to teach a meditation class, I joined. (Journey to Your Garden info click here!)

These days, when people ask me about my abilities, I talk about Cindy and Rick. They were teachers for me and I hold both of them in high esteem. It seems that my spiritual path started with them, because that is when I got clear, when my Guides came to me and communication opened. In Rick’s group I released dark energy, entities, stories, fears, worries, anxieties and I began to know who I was. Who I am.

So when I found this yellow spiral notebook from 1992, I was taken aback. The message I read was written in a metaphysical class that I took when I was 27. It’s not perfectly clear, but it applies. It makes sense and it made me think. Even though my path was awful, it was my path. Last week when a client asked about her path, the Guides replies, “Your path in what is under your feet. You are always on your path.” Now, twenty-three years later, I know what they are talking about. I wanted to be on a path of kindness, pleasantries and love. I wanted money, comfort and excellent health. I thought that if things were rough, I wasn’t on my path. I thought that if I had trials I was doing something wrong.

Now I see, I know, that I had to clarify myself. Not my soul, not my core of purity and grace; my person. I had to clear and heal a thousand lives of dishonor, loss of integrity, hate, bad decisions, regret and blame. My soul waited for me to run a fine tooth comb through my energy fields so that I could embrace myself. I had to learn about empathy so that I could discern my feelings from someone else’s; and to understand where we are all one and I feel everything. Was it easy? Almost never. In fact, there were times when I did not think I would make it, when the pain was insurmountable.Holly Burger

But I lived, and now I thrive. Spirit gave me a look at how far I’ve come. I am reminded that even though I felt alone, I was not. Those words say, “To be aware is almost unawareness. Assume you are aware and leave it at that.” I wish I could have understood that trying to be aware doesn’t make it happen. Giving up trying to understand how I am one with Creator does make it happen. It’s nothing I can explain, it’s just something that I know. And it’s something that I teach.

It is my hope that you will see yourself as one with Source/Creator/Divinity/God/Goddess, and that no matter how hard or difficult your path becomes you see yourself “strong, because you are strong.” No one else can do it, it is up to you. “Be true to yourself. Let truth guide you.”

“Ground yourself.” I can’t say it enough. Energy moves through us, when we ground it we learn about living vertically, connected to the Core of Earth and to Creator.

At first, I judged myself to have lost the connection when I read, “Notice direction. Eliminate nuisance.” But I laugh now. It may be the most important line of the missive. Pay attention to where everything comes from. If you sense ego, let it go. Negativity? Step aside and let it pass.

God/Goddess bless you on your journey. May it be peaceful, easy and comfortable.





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