Feeling Stressed? Read this…

My book Divine Accordance is a 300-page, completely thorough resource for how I healed and opened to receive communication from my guides. But I don’t want you to suffer, so here are some tried and true things you can do to make life feel better: . . . → Read More: Feeling Stressed? Read this…

Bumpy Roads and Roller Coasters

If you are suffering—you can change something. . . . → Read More: Bumpy Roads and Roller Coasters

Entity Kicking

AKA: Why we shouldn’t kick entities.

Last week a client called, she was in a mess. Physically, her foot had swelled up as if it had a baseball inside. Mentally, she felt confused, aggravated and angry.

She wanted a reading. From the human/Holly perspective, I thought that her foot puffed up because she made contact . . . → Read More: Entity Kicking