Prayer for Freedom from Trespass

This prayer is for each of you who have been trespassed upon no matter how small the trespass. We are affected by words. If you are extremely sensitive, you might even be affected by thoughts. Those who have serious abuse, please . . . → Read More: Prayer for Freedom from Trespass

Is everybody moving?

Let’s just say that you were one of those folks that answered a clarion call. You moved to be in service, to do Lightwork. (Most of us don’t even realize we are doing this!) Also, let’s say that you woke up a few days ago and thought… . . . → Read More: Is everybody moving?

Happy Maternal Energy Day

Loving yourself opens a vault in the subconscious mind; a new place for love to reside. More love within, more abilities to see what is lovable. . . . → Read More: Happy Maternal Energy Day

Magic Carpet Ride Meditation

This free Sunday Morning Meditation is a wonderful experience of clearing and healing. I hope that you can download it for your own use. It runs 37 minutes and begins with a light raising. In just over half an hour you can feel closer to your guides and grounded! Why wait? PS: not recommended for . . . → Read More: Magic Carpet Ride Meditation

New website and Steve called…

There are two messages in this announcement: has a whole new look! Check out the site; see the new organization with oodles of information for Lightworkers and light dabblers.

The top menu has a new category: lightBLOG. Now we have a place to talk. I will share about meditations, prayers, tools and more for . . . → Read More: New website and Steve called…