This is a little story I tell often: I went to the grocery store quite happy; I returned feeling like my dog died. But I don’t have a dog.

Have you ever felt a random and unfamiliar emotion? Maybe sadness, fear or worry? If so, it’s possible that your are an empathic psychic. Do you ever feel like an emotional vacuum cleaner? Years ago I did a reading for someone (let’s call her Jane); when she asked for a body scan I invited the appropriate Pure Christ Consciousness guides to come forth and we opened to any information that would be for her highest and best good. I saw something around Jane’s root chakra and her guides told me that it was energy from sexual abuse. They didn’t have to mention it, the energy is easy to recognize; it’s invasive, boundary crossing and leaves the victim stifled. I told Jane what I saw and she replied, “That’s so weird, another psychic told me the same thing. But I don’t have any memory of sexual abuse. Do you think I have blocked something?”

When I asked for more information, our guides showed me a little girl, about eight years old, with long black hair. Jane’s hair is light. I asked her, “Was your hair dark when you were young?”


Back to the guides, “Who is this girl?” They didn’t answer; I was shown again that the energy in Jane’s root chakra was from this girl. So I did a little detective work. “Do you have a sister?


I asked Jane, “Where did you live when you were eight?”

“In Texas”, she replied.

“Do you remember your friends there, or anytime you knew a girl that had long black hair?”

Slowly, Jane answered, “Well, yes, I played with a little girl, Sarah; her hair was long and black.” When Sarah was mentioned, I could see a connection to the sexual abuse energy at Jane’s root chakra. In fact, it became stronger. I sensed trauma. Then I had a vision of a little girl; she was skipping and playing at a playground. There was very little grass growing in dirt and a swing set. Long black hair floated behind the little girl, she appeared normal, unhurt.

We were told that Jane empathically absorbed something from Sarah. She helped her cope with the unthinkable. On an energetic level, the girls worked together to cope with something too big for an eight-year-old. We talked about the childhood experience of abuse, trespassing, pain, fear and confusion. Jane claimed that she had always felt as if something happened to her, but at the same time knew nothing did. I asked Source for clearing and healing for Jane. We used prayer to help Jane release the energy that she had taken on for Sarah. We talked about soul service; Jane purposefully helping Sarah. We talked about recognizing our own energy and how another person’s energy felt different. I asked if Sarah could receive Light from the Divine for her own healing. Jane’s root chakra energy released into Divine Light and disappeared. I would call that transmutation. Both girls were free of something, but I didn’t ask what. Their souls can take care of that if it’s important. When we release and clear, we don’t need to get familiar with what’s leaving. It’s much better to focus on the Light coming in to fill the void.

I share this story with you because I am asked many questions about people who feel too much. Do you ever feel anxious or nervous for no reason? What about angry or depressed? Anytime you have a sudden mood change, ask yourself, “Is it me, or something else; is it mine, or is it from someone else?”

In Jane’s case, she spent fifteen years with empathed energy. Fifteen years. But many of us are impacted daily. You could even have a mix of both, historical and recent empathed emotion. Ten or twenty things you picked up as a child, fifty or so from work, and another five or six from the grocery store. WHAT!? Does that sound crazy? If you are living an empathic life, yes, and likely you feel crazy, too. I know I did.

child.angel.gateFor years I was overwhelmed with emotion and thoughts that weren’t mine. I was inundated with outside influences that weren’t happy. That made me unhappy. Have you ever heard someone refer to a clairvoyant as sensitive? I can’t tell you have many times people have told me, “You’re so sensitive.” And it wasn’t a compliment. Sensitive doesn’t even begin to explain life as an empath. How about pin cushion? Arrow and hatchet target? Punching bag? It can be miserable, feeling things for no reason. But wait, there is a reason! The best part of being an empath is finding out that you have a gift. The reason we suffer as empaths is that we don’t know how to handle it. Step one of life as a living empath: Learn to handle it. Learn tricks and tools and ideas. Recognize that sensitivity is a gift and that you are gifted. Step two: Forgive. This might take a while, because we all come from soul families that need assistance. We volunteer to transmute emotion and negativity to help each other, the planet and ourselves. Forgiveness might look like this: forgive me—I made the plan, forgive my mom—she had me, forgive all the souls asking for help—and me for offering help, forgive God—I like to blame my Creator for my birth (as well as my parents), forgive self again—I know I choose/create everything, forgive self again—for blaming/projection/accusing/hating/etc.

The crazy circle of forgiveness can expand until every being, living and dead, gets forgiven. That’s just too much, so I pray this, “Creator, Source, I Am Presence, please help me forgive myself and all involved in this situation. Thank you and amen.” We can pray to learn easier, live happier, and heal ideas about suffering.

Life as an empath is livable, I am proof of that. But it requires more attention to detail. A little care and nurturing. Like Epsom salts baths. Step three: Self care. Self care is just about the most important thing an empath can do. Do you need to talk it out? Get a therapist. Do you need to get rid of a menacing energy now? Get someone like me. Do you need nurturing? Call your mom, Mother Mary, or a divine feminine being that loves you. Do you need to laugh? Watch a funny movie. Identify the need, and then get care. Make it happen. Don’t ignore what you need. It is your mind’s way of saying that something is out of balance. Empaths must be balanced in order to identity what is theirs and what is not.

Step Four: Realize that you are made of Light. Recognize who and what you are. If you are made of pure Light, and you are, that means that things will be attracted to you. It means you have innate healing ability. (Learn what your abilities are.) It also means that things can pass through you, not stick like Velcro. Breathe deep, say, “I Am Light.”

Four steps.

Step one of life as a living empath: Learn to handle it.

Step two: Forgive.

Step three: Self care.

Step Four: Realize that you are made of Light.

Living a happy life as an empath takes discipline. It takes work. I used to think it was too much work, but then I realized that dealing with overwhelm, frustration or depression was harder. Much harder. And so it is that you can manifest happiness, peace, ease and comfort.

Blessings on your spiritual road,





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