…intentional stillness, grounding, connecting to your higher power

…internal peace, quietude, surrender

…practice, dedication, discipline


There are many types of meditation. Holly uses three.

Free-style: This meditation style is easy. Like the photograph on the left, simply sit and connect. Empty your mind or concentrate on one thing, like ‘peace’. You can do this anytime, anywhere.

Guided: When people are gathered and one person speaks, it is called a ‘guided’ meditation. Excellent for groups with focused intentions. (See free downloads below!)

Journey: Similar to guided meditations, journey meditations do just that–take you on a journey. These are usually high frequency, focused meditations often used to receive answers from guides, clear past lives and heal. (Check calendar for upcoming classes.)


Looking for meditation opportunities?

1. Just do it! Sit on a rock, against a tree and sneak in a free-style meditation. If you can’t get outside, try ducking into the restroom and free-styling while you wash your hands.

2. Check out Holly’s calendar for FREE Sunday Morning Tele-Meditation. Look for the word FREE! Just click on the calender into to register. Here you will find  recordings of a few of Holly’s guided meditations (just click!). You can download a meditation to start your practice now.

3. If you are serious about your meditation practice, check out Holly’s six-week class:  Journey to Your Garden. The garden is a metaphor for your sub-conscious mind. In this wonderful class you will learn to contact your Guardian Angel, Ascended Masters, ethereal doctor and spiritual teachers of all types.


“You exist in time, but you belong to eternity.

You are a penetration of eternity into the world of time.

You are deathless, living in a body of death.

Your consciousness knows no death, no birth.

It is only your body that is born and dies.

But you are not aware of your consciousness.

You are not conscious of your consciousness, and that is the whole art of meditation; becoming conscious of consciousness itself.”

– Osho

Free Monthly Meditation Teleclass

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Join Holly’s FREE monthly meditations! All you need is a telephone. Holly will verbally guide you through a thoroughly joyful experience. As the frequency of Light raises you will feel yourself aligning with your spiritual guidance and clearing negative energy, a refreshing start to your day! Click on a date below to register (even if you cannot attend, you will receive the meditation recording to work with on your own time).

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Journey To Your Garden Meditation Class

If you desire to schedule something, please email Holly: holly(at) This is a six-week class teaching a technique of deep structured meditation that leads to communication, clearing and healing.

Holly teaches a deep, journey style meditation that has helped many communicate with their guides, angels and more. In this class participants learn to ground and connect to their high selves, create sacred space and discern pure light frequencies. Journey meditation is an important technique for lightworkers, Holly believes all energy workers should have these basics for their protections and open communication with guidance.

Read more and register here.

Email Holly if you are interested in attending future classes (please include date/times you are available).


A note from Holly about this class:


“I invite you to take a journey. Learn my favorite way to communicate with Source. We will learn how to invite pure Light into sacred space. Together, in very high frequencies, we will listen for Divine messages from our personal guides. Discussion, sharing and growing together; a recipe for manifesting. When people ask me how to open to their guidance, I recommend meditation. This technique is how I expanded; this is my personal tool for questions and answers from pure Light guidance.”


What folks are saying about Holly’s meditation classes:


Thank you for the Violet Flame meditation. I listened this morning with a super cheap/high distortion set of computer speakers. Although much of your speech was muddled I still felt better afterward and signed up for the June meditation. I do not have MP3, or even know what it is so I hope you keep this meditation accessible to us on your website forever. Thanks so much, AG

The day after your free meditation call I experienced a release from controlling energies that I have struggled with for almost 5 years. Even after moving four hours away from my current home/community, I have always been drawn back into the drama and stuckness – my work and relationships never progressed. Then after your meditation call everything was magically, gently concluded, and I now feel released from these ties and able to move forward in my life. Thank you for channeling such powerful energy and sharing it with the world!  AA from CO

Holly! Loved this so much today:) Thanks for inviting me. Such sweet energy………..Loving you so much.  JJ from CA

Wonderful meditation! The energy was very strong! (DS after Free Sunday Morning Meditation)

Thank You Holly. This morning’s meditation has brought to me a great healing, releasing, clearing, and a vision for new possibilities. Many blessings to you!

Thank you so much for your meditation this morning. I am still processing – but know what my gift is 🙂  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Namaste, Debbie from AZ

Thank you Holly for this morning’s gift of Meditation! I appreciate your sweet and gentle direction… LOVE, LOVE my prayer booklet. With love & gratitude, Jerilee from CO

(Lynn saw Ants in her meditation garden!)   …I looked up the symbolism underlying the ant. It is really very appropriate for where I am in my life. Among a lot of other meanings, “ant is the teacher of how to build, how to become the architect of Your own life. It can show You how to construct Your dreams into a reality. It will show You that the greatest success occurs with persistence.” I think the salute at the end was just their way of saying “good bye and good luck!” It was somewhat comical yet I felt honored by their gesture, very touched and lucky. Also I got so hot in my physical body when I was in my (ethereal) library. I don’t often sweat, but I was on fire! Thank You both (Holly and Alli) and also all the other meditators for such a phenomenal and inspiring journey! Wow! I feel so blessed! Have a great day! – Lynn

Long but worth the read:

(After a guided meditation)     Good Morning Holly, I want to pass on my thoughts/feelings from my notes: I realize for the first time in my life that I have sisters. I have sisters. I have always felt separate and alone. But now I know I am not alone. I have a tribe. And that knowledge is overwhelming. Just gratitude and joy and love. I also feel a great sense of releasing all attachments to others, to ideas, to obligations that are not in my Highest and Best good. I feel peace. Just peace, and I know I can come here again and again. And, I know I achieved the highest frequency connection to Source that I have yet experienced.  The prayer was beautiful, powerful, exquisite. And now I feel a happiness, just a happiness. Thank You Holly. Have a great day!

In response to this person, who is a client, Holly wrote:

… I am so happy for you. I never doubted you for a minute! Have a blessed day and I must give you a little message from the guides, I hope that is okay…

“Spiritual highs, the ecstasy of communion, are true and valuable; but please be detached. Attachment can lead to the reverse, a spiritual low. Which, as you know, can feel like the lowest life can offer. We are with you and assisting, not in finding new heights, but recognizing where you are from and who you are. Now, while you are in the openness, go to the mirror and recognize yourself. Not as a new being, as a loving version of who you truly are. Don’t waste this moment on anyone else, give all to yourself. Then, after you fall onto your knees, arise. Then, and only then, after you are full and satisfied, may you give. For then, your wells will be full and giving is possible. Blessed child, your wells will be full. Amen.”

Love – hb

Meanwhile, client writes back to Holly:

Wowser! That was amazing! I have to tell You something too, which certainly relates to the message from the Guides. Soon after my Eureka moment (see other message) I realized there was someone else who planted some of the seeds for my “breakthrough idea” and the next thing I did was text him to thank him. He was a bit down, going through divorce, so I spent the next 30 minutes sending light, love, etc, etc to him to help boost his low. Then I got an email from my daughter so I spent the next 30 minutes telling her how phenomenal etc, etc she is. Maybe next time, and I’m sure there will be a next time, I’ll spend those 60 minutes telling myself how phenomenal I AM, and then, and only then, will I spread it around to others. Thank You so much! You rock! (LZ of IA)


(Check back for more!)


Additional Important Information…

You are a beautiful, blessed, wonderful, loved, guided, protected expression of Light!