Spiritually Managing Political Views

-Negativity is its own breakfast. -Loving one and other has a much higher impact than hating. You may hate an action, but be careful where you place the weapon of hate. It is like housing a skunk, the stench remains long after the animal has vacated. . . . → Read More: Spiritually Managing Political Views

Summer Energy Challenges

Peace. Peace is not only an act, it is a walk. To be angry diverts your energy, even if you are angry about a horrific story. If you feel anger, step into it and let emotion move it out like a wave of water. Feel anger, try not to store it. Feel it fully and completely the way you would a mouth full of your favorite food. Storing it for later brings rotten results. When anger leaves, you can concentrate on walking in peace once again. . . . → Read More: Summer Energy Challenges

Living Life as an Empath

The best part of being an empath is finding out that you have a gift. The reason we suffer as empaths is that we don’t know how to handle it. Step one of life as a living empath: Learn to handle it. Learn tricks and tools and ideas. Recognize that sensitivity is a gift and that you are gifted. (Holly Burger, 2013) . . . → Read More: Living Life as an Empath

Clean negative thinking, the self will shine…

In my dream she understands who she is.

Sarah (a pseudonym) is a lovely, confident woman. She is approaching her sixth decade of life and working through a deep yearning. Sarah yearns for love.

Before I dreamed of Sarah, during a recent session, we talked about the emotions behind desire. The guides spoke about cravings, . . . → Read More: Clean negative thinking, the self will shine…