Are You a Lightworker?

What is your answer?

Empowered woman: “YES!”

On a bad day: “Who cares.”

From your heart: “I intend to be, I am.”

Confident young man: “Of course.”

Who are the lightworkers? It’s a question that floats around these days. We all know lightworkers in the health industry, nurses, doctors, healers, acupuncturists. But what if you aren’t in a career where healing is obvious? Can lightworkers work in banks? Grocery stores? Can lightworkers be homeless?

You already know the answer, don’t you? Your head is nodding isn’t it? Lightworkers are a simple breed. They are the givers as well as the receivers.

An unseen force some refer to as God creates us. You may call it Great Mystery, I Am Presence or Divine; the name is not important, it’s the feeling. When you feel Source, or Creator of All That Is, imagine that you are one with that frequency.

Now think about what you and your Creator want to do with your life. What words come to you? Are they acts of kindness, compassion, charity? Or do you hear words like prayer, stillness or consideration? Your work may be still or active. Regardless, think of yourself as a being that exemplifies something pure and connected to Oneness.

Will this make you a lightworker? Yes! Were you already a lightworker? It’s likely. Whether you’re speaking from your empowered heart, or anger on a bad day, you can be a lightworker by setting your judgment aside and walking in the Light.

Be kind, loving, true, honest or caring; whatever feels like light within you, let it shine on someone today and remember, “I am a lightworker!”



Connect With Spirit…












Message from Holly:
In 2002 I was introduced to my High Self council. Shortly thereafter a series of informative channelings came. I felt sharing this information would assist people in connecting with their spiritual guidance. This is how ‘Connect With Spirit’ was born. In 2005 I was assisted by other Lightworkers in forming meetings, first in Loveland (Colorado) then in Berthoud. Eventually we landed in Longmont, and now in 2009 I am beginning again in Denver with the original series of 12 classes.
This is a message I channeled for the people that attended the very first class:”The anchoring and expanding of higher frequency ‘light energy’ has taken place in the area of this collection of unified souls gathered for the occasion of your classes. Each person has been delivered an energy, closely resembling a soul alignment. Know that all aspects of each soul are not in use. When soul aspects are awakened there are opportunities for expansion on many levels. We look forward to each individual expression of expansion. Blessings dear ones, your path unfolds in each moment, offer yourselves grace, as we do.”
Thank you for your time. Many blessings,

Group meetings with Holly:

Please call to schedule a group or join one in progress.Current groups meet in Denver & Longmont. NEW: reservations required.

Email: Phone: 303-956-0334CWS classes are usually $20 and take place from 7-9pm.If money is a problem, please contact Holly or class host.Don’t let finances stop your spiritual growth!Offer something in exchange.Use your voice,communicate.Ask.From Holly’s ‘Business Tools for Lightworkers’ Class: $Money$ = Time, Energy, Education, EffortYou are a valuable quantity of humanness! Celebrate yourSelf; your consciousness; your beauty, talents, skills, kindness, light and loveliness! Allow yourSelf to grow, learn and become. Remember: we teach by BEing. We echo.You are an exceptional being of LIGHT. Echo that…Namaste`




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Comments from CWS attendees:
The CWS series helped me understand and gain confidence with a wide variety of Spiritual topics that still help me thrive daily; as both a pedestrian and metaphysician.  I am very grateful for Holly’s service then and now through this time of exciting personal expansion.  As a “guide” to my “Guidance” this group series was both profound and affirming. – Danielle Furman, Wellness Intuitive,
CWS was definitely an important part of my journey.  It helped me move deeper into trusting my own experiences and abilities to connect, introduced me to like-minded people and gave me spiritual confidence. Gillian Driscoll PhD, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master,  (303) 548-2108,
Thanks again for all your input, help, support, faith, etc. And fun. Mostly fun. It’s nice to be around someone who embodies joy the way you do. (You can use that as a testimonial!)Stephanie Roth, The Relationship Maven,
I just wanted to say thank you for the service you give and offer. To allow people to release in your presence and to carry everything that entails is honorable. Love and light, Bianca (Australia, formerly Colorado)

I have worked with Holly for many years, participating in her workshops, group classes, readings and now individual classes. I deeply value the integrity Holly brings to her work as well as the clarity and sensitivity with which she delivers information. Holly’s readings have proven true time and again. Holly provides a great model of light worker service. She is truly a source of light and inspiration in this world! I highly recommend all of her services. DS-Colorado

About Connect With Spirit:

Connect With Spirit (CWS) is an interactive channeling group. Holly is an intuitive channel. She uses meditation to receive a topic for each class which is supported by excellent group dynamic (That means YOU make it special!). After an open discussion Holly relaxes to a meditative state. From this place Holly speaks via her High Self. She opens to spiritual guidance and releases her mind/opinions to bring forth information for all those who wish to ask questions. With love and light-hearted humor these classes are well known for creating opportunities for spiritual growth, expanding awareness and spontaneous healing!

Drop in for any class. Don’t each us of have the keys within? Yes! Unearth your wisdom, unlock your potential. Although the class is not religiously oriented, it is all about God/Goddess/Creator/Source of All Things.

These are a few of the things you might hear at CWS:

-Say, “YES!” when you want something, like information. Feel the energy anchor.

-peace, ease and comfort… write it down… PEACEFULLY, EASILY AND COMFORTABLY!

-You are a loved, beautiful aspect of God/Goddess. We won’t let you forget that.

-What’s a download? It’s nothing! There really is NO-thing you don’t know. We awaken, remember and recall. We lift veils, open our minds and access. But, there’s no gift, no present, all info is ours to have. Does it comes from Spirit? Of course! We need a secret archive, like our cells and a keeper, like Spirit. What’s an easy way of naming each time we get something from our own secret place? Let’s call it a download… (Smile!)













Through my Divine Light I offer service via voice and station, God send those I serve my way.

-Holly, meditation 2008


Longmont, Colorado