What Do You Ask Spirit?

Breathe by Holly Burger, Acrylic on CanvasI scheduled a reading… what should I do? What should I expect?

—Written by Allison, www.allibrook.com, in response
to a question from someone she referred to Holly
; long but worth the read!

The question:

Dear Alli,

I talked with Holly (finally), I am sure she can give me some great guidance. I need your help getting ready for my session. What kind of questions do I ask? How much detail do I give? I don’t want to be talking too much and not listening. Can you please give me some kind of example on how I should approach?    Thanks, M.

The answer:

Dear M,

Remember Holly is ‘reading’ or giving an assessment of energy, based on your questions. If you ask about the future, she will read the current energy, but know that the energy can change in a second.

I like to ask for clarity about situations that seem stuck; things I want to heal. For example: “It’s been a while since a friend and I had a fight. I’m wondering if there’s something I can do for myself or her so that I feel better and can allow joy and resolution.”

Holly channels your guides, or guidance energy like Metatron (an archangel) or St. Germain (an ascended master). These higher frequencies can be hard to remember. You will have a CD to go over later. For your own use, take notes!

When Holly raises the vibration, lower/negative vibrating energies cannot stay in that increasing energy, so they clear. A lot will be released just in the opening. When you release she invites new healing stuff in, overall it’s a lot of transformation energetically. If you get attached to the words or explanations try to settle yourself. So much of this work just happens. And, it continues in the weeks after your session. If you feel uncomfortable you can direct your guides. For example: “This is too intense, turn the volume/pace down but keep it going – I intend to feel physically well, rested and happy while I’m healing!”

Sometimes after the session, you may notice that your meditation/spiritual practices seem a step up.

Before I have a phone reading with Holly, I write a list of ‘issues’ in order of priority. These span different life categories like physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, familial, monetary, career, etc. I find it’s helpful to prioritize my issues, both for me and my guides to know what’s most important to me. If there’s only five minutes of the session left, what issue is most important to go into?

Regarding how much detail to give about questions I can tell you what Holly says, “The more specific you are, the more specific they will be.” I basically tell how I’m feeling, what I’m aware of, where I feel stuck and where I want help. Telling the full history is not necessary; just give your assessment of now. And if you feel something needs to be mentioned along the way, do so.

So then I have my list of questions to dive into, but sometimes the session takes a totally different direction and we barely get to my list, if at all. This used to bug me, but then I realized it was because I was detached from what really needed to be addressed, and because I had agreed to what Holly intends for the session – the highest and best good overall instead of what my mind tells me is best!

Don’t worry about talking too much – your guides won’t let that happen, and Holly is good at reading the energy and interjecting if need be. I would highly suggest reading the prayers on her website, even if they don’t mentally seem to apply – this will help to start minor clearing so the session can be deeper. Also, there are huge energetic downloads in those prayers, and all of her work – just tell your guides that you’re open to receiving all of it through Source Light as is appropriate for you!

Also – she will digitally record the session, put it on a CD and mail it to you. Listen to it! There will be further releasing, resolution, receiving downloads and blessings, and more just from listening to it! If you have resistance to listening to it, it may just be that last little bit of whatever was addressed that doesn’t want to leave it’s cozy space in your bright light and loving energy! I find listening to readings helps me with acceptance and non-judgment of my ‘uglier’ stuff (or what I previously thought was ugly in me!), to witness and celebrate my successes/completed issues, and to gain insight into deeper patterns/life purpose/contracts (what I tend to be worried about, where I attract drama, etc).

Lots of love, Alli

A message from Holly:

After years of listening to questions and answers I have discovered a few details that may take a reading from good to exceptional. When clients have resistance, it is addressed. Every session is different, but I have noticed that considerable time will be taken to help one get heart centered. I understand that trust must be established, and listening to someone speak from your guidance might feel strange.

Try to remember, your guidance speaks to you daily. We aren’t always aware of the small detailed messages that present themselves for our interpretation. Personally, I watch for animal messages (suggested reading: Messages from Spirit by Collete Baron-Reid, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer) or anything repeated. Once I heard a book title repeated three times within a few days. I found the book, heard of a local workshop by the author and learned many new things that continue to influence my work.

Green & Purple Mandala by Holly Burger, Marker on Paper

Green & Purple Mandala by Holly Burger, Marker on Paper


Getting a reading is like using any interpreter for clarity, and you can take that clarity into your own mind for opening. If someone hears with more clarity, it does not mean they know more than you. Align your confidence, the confidence that you will not be fooled or tricked, with your desire. Formulate questions that will bring you something you want.

Once, during a Connect With Spirit class someone asked the guides what she did for a living. It was a test and unfortunately a display of distrust. As the channel I felt the guides recede, the frequency waned, then I saw a vision of the woman in scrubs–I thought she must be a nurse. But the guides did not say anything about her career. They began to speak of other things relating to responsibility. This entire exchange confused me. The woman later admitted that she was a medical assistant. When I questioned the guides they explained that proving something is as ego related as questioning. They have no intention to ‘prove’ themselves to anyone.

The funny thing is that they do prove themselves constantly. During readings the guides use random examples that are not random at all. They may speak of horses to someone wishing to have a equine ranch. I have seen it so many times that I no longer question whether examples are relevant.

What is your desired energy shift? For example, let’s pretend that you are in an unfulfilling job that doesn’t pay very well. If you say, “I want a better job.” The guides will be pleased that you have a desire, but they may not say anything, after all it is a statement, not a question. If you say, “Can I have a better job?” they might say, “What type of job would you like?” You are probably getting the idea that many minutes can be wasted with your guides just formulating a question. If you are unfulfilled, you likely want fulfillment. If you aren’t payed well, you likely want to be honored, respected and rewarded.

The question begins to look very simple. We may want to put in details, but we are happy with so many things, the details can become limiting restrictions. Often when someone questions their work or relationship the guides will remind them of what they felt in the beginning. Think of your job interview, the acceptance or offer, your excitement. Did you call anyone, what were you thinking? Where did that happiness go?

We are the creators of everything in our lives. If we take responsibility for choosing/creating the current circumstances we are often greatly empowered to change our circumstances. Imagine that everything you want is possible, all you have to do is clear any energy in the way, and it’s all energy. This is where using your guides is the perfect solution. They will let you know where the blocks are, what you have to do to clear them and best of all: what can release in the moment.

So how do you ask? As simple and precisely as you can. Are they stupid questions? Of course not! If you aren’t able to form the words, the guides will lovingly help you in your reading. They see the energy that is in the way on your divine path, they will help you see that. Spiritual guidance will make sure what your mind wants is in alignment with what your heart wants.

When I do readings for people I watch as the guides do energy work. Sometimes there are colors or symbols that I relay to the client for their interpretation. Occasionally messages come through that make no sense at all. Years of helping people has taught me that our timing is of little concern to our guides. We are often set up with clues that unfold later.

I have learned to offer messages without scrutinizing. Clients have called years after a reading to share circumstances that unfolded because of messages they received in a reading. In fact, it has happened to me! We may call it serendipity, coincidence or accident/incident. I try to remember to call it divine. When I was shown a funny symbol in meditation I had no idea it would lead me to helping people all over the world. I am truly grateful for my path, guidance and the unconditional love I am experiencing right now.

What, you may be thinking, am I supposed to ask Spirit? The truth, if there is such a thing, is… are you ready? Anything. Ask anything your heart, mind, soul, partner, friend, co-worker or mental body tells you to ask. You are guided by light beings! They will get all the right answers to you. If you are worried, fretting and fearful; they will focus on healing and comfort. If you desire love, they will help you release blocks to attracting your compatible being. I have complete trust and faith that when we release the reins, or the steering wheel, our guides know the way.