Peace, Ease and Comfort Via Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is one of the best ways to open your heart.

Spend it, display it, sport it, send it, say it; use your most artistic expression or lamest attempt. It matters not; gratitude tickles our happiness and expands our generosity.

Explore these examples of gratitude and see if your creative talents aren’t inspired.

Send your gratitude stories to with permission to share.

Thanks Giving

a prayer by Holly Burger

Divinely guided voice within … I am listening. Open to me and for me. Show me how to speak truth from my heart. Show me how to expand the Oneness that I AM and stay in balance with my surroundings.

My life, my service – they are divine, an example of true oneness. I am not a random result of coupling. I have not grown in question. I am not a lie.

I have choice. I am allowing. I am voice! My life is an education, I am an example. I am loved and I love. I am grateful.

My light shines from within, because my Divine Source exists within. Beyond all time, all measure, I am Light. Never have I been separate.

My gratitude expands now. My love brought me here for this experience. My doubt brought education. My loneliness brought love. My questions, answers. My pain, healing. I am so grateful.

Each time I learn I am young; born again as a spark of yearning. A craving hunger joining like to become part of something glorious.

I speak now. I listen now. I give and receive now. I am open. I am a vessel of the original love and I am grateful. I am so very grateful.

Thanks giving. Gratitude in the giving. I have given up my former existence to be here, now. I changed myself to be here now. Yet, I am one with my previous. I am one with my future. I am one with my parallel. I am one with you.

Peace abounds in my heart and I send it out. Let the wind carry it like a seed today to be shared and if possible, rooted.

If I am responsible for love, peace, forgiveness, light – I am grateful. If my seed roots, grows and finds its way back to me, I am grateful.

We are not different, you and I. We are one. Thank you for your example, your teaching, your love.

I am grateful.

I am grateful.

I am grateful.



Day 17 – Trying this anonymous giving thing

This is from Alli, she was working on 29 days of giving:

…On my way home I decided I wanted to try a gifting that I read about in the book. I stopped at a gas station and paid the $2.25 fee to get $20 from the ATM. I walked to the counter with the money. There were two women behind the counter and I attempted to tell them that I wanted them to pay the money toward whatever customer(s) they wanted to. They did not understand at all! I bumbled on trying to explain, but they still just looked at me like I was crazy. One woman said, “The whole twenty dollars?!” I tried to explain again, and they seemed to kind of get it that I was donating the money to who/whatever they chose to give it to. I walked out flushed with embarrassment and amazed at my reaction to the experience.

As I drove I realized that $20 really is a lot of money, especially when working an entire hour for a lot less than that. I have no idea what will happen to that $20 gift, but I know that I received the gift of re-valuing what used to be ‘just $20’. And I felt the giving bug big time – as I drove home my eyes were peeled and my mind focused on who/what else I could give to! So fun! I love this!

Here are some testimonials:

  • Dear Holly: I LOVE your guides!!!!…
  • Reassurance gives me an enormous sense of peace. Thank you so much Holly. You are a vibrant beacon of love and light to all…
  • I just wanted to say thank you for the service you give and offer. To allow people to release in your presence and to carry everything that entails is honorable…
  • Thank you for responding and for the guidance. I will print off this email so I can read it again and again and really think about it and take it to heart. I am so grateful to have you in my life…
  • Something was missing in my life. I quit the life I had participated in for 15 years and started looking for the “missing piece”. Then I met Holly. Through her amazing gift of connection with spirit, her encouragement, her expanded sight, and support, I took the risk to really look for that piece of purpose. And found it – hidden inside me. Holly, with my team of spiritual guides, helped me see who I AM. Peacefully, easily, comfortably…
  • I just want to shout from the roof-tops what an amazing healer and light worker Holly Burger is! I experienced two miraculous healing transformations as a result of her. First, my husband and I were trying to sell our home in a very challenging buyer’s market at a very slow time of year. We did a lot of work on the house physically, but I knew there were some weird, “left-over” energies floating around the house that made it “feel” undesirable…
  • I called in Holly and she performed a house healing (clearing)- What a HUGE difference that made! All of a sudden, the house felt safe, clean, bright and beautiful. They day the house went onto the market, we had 7 showings and within 2 days we had an offer of $20,000 more than we were asking! We sold the house and closed at the end of that same month!
  • I was diagnosed with Cancer and 2 days prior to my surgery, I met with Holly for a healing session. I knew that my cancer was a wake-up call form Spirit for me to change how I do business with the world. I received TONS of powerful and clear information as well as undergoing huge physical and emotional transformations, all in a safe and supportive environment. After my surgery, I was completely free of cancer and no further treatment was required. I know this was greatly due to my work with Holly!
  • I can’t thank Holly enough for all of her light and love and healing assistance and I highly recommend her to everyone! Thanks Holly! You’re Awesome!!…