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If you have been looking for a way to polish your intuition, hone your psychic talents and work in a safe environment, please explore AoSE. Holly Burger developed the Academy to offer Intuitive Consultant Certification through a course of study involving spiritual work that creates a positive and loving atmosphere of support and education. Intuitive Consultant Certification via AoSE offers you the opportunity to show your course of study and the integrity you hold to your clients. Explain your lightwork through your education. AoSE upholds responsibility, honesty, patience and consciousness in an atmosphere of peace, ease and comfort.

Certified Intuitive Consultant Graduates are aware of:

-ethereal fields, levels, layers, dimensions and planes of existence

-grounding, grounding cords, connection to Earth and Mother Gaia

-connection to High Self and I Am Presence via crystalline cord

-their personal gifts and abilities

-discernment of energy, frequency and vibration

-deep meditation, connection to ethereal teacher, doctor, Guardian Angel, etc.

Certified Intuitive Consultant Graduates work with:

-Christ Consciousness Light (CCL)

-Holly’s books Divine Accordance and Pocket Prayer Book

-CCL guides, Ascended Masters, angels, archangels and those passed over

-their personal spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.

-pendulum, crystals, rocks, minerals, colors and other energy healing tools

-entity release/clearing, ethereal space awareness, energy healing

-our main system of bodies: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

-chakras and energy centers


2holly.3.13There are many ways to graduate from AoSE, Intuitive Consultant Certification is based on a point system to support each person’s personal course of study. Each applicant is interviewed by Holly personally to make sure that AoSE is the perfect fit for their wants, needs and desires.

If you have taken classes with Holly, everything is retroactive. Your credits started accumulating long ago, so contact Holly now to see where you are in this system.

Certified Intuitive Consultant through AoSE is a way to support your course of study. AoSE supports integrity through many types of lightwork.  AoSE can teach you how to create stronger foundation for your current work or help you clear for what is next. All ages are welcome for individual study (with parents consent if under 18), but most classes are oriented for adults. Holly is open to your questions, please call or write to find out how AoSE can support your edification.