A message from Holly: When I began hearing my spiritual guides clearly, they spoke so eloquently that I felt compelled to write their words. Over the last 10+ years I have compiled over 50 channeled prayers! Each one is full of energetic downloads and clearings to assist you in experiencing peace, ease and comfort on your path. I continually receive feedback from clients and students about the many ways these prayers have helped them.

Soon, you will be able to follow my journey. Divine Accordance will be available, as well as an updated version of Pocket Prayer Book: Excerpts from Divine Accordance. Both will be available through Amazon as paperback and e-book. For now, I offer Pocket Prayer eBook.  If you would rather have the small paperback book, please contact me to order. Below you will find a few prayers that I have chosen to balance energy and clear. Join my email list (on the right) in order to receive update, spiritual writing and more. Blessings, Holly

Discord Prayer holds a tremendous healing power. Many people have shared stories about healing with friends, co-workers, spouses and family members. It can simultaneously our projections and any negativity we receive. Repeat often for the highest benefit. Useful for interactions with people, but can also help heal past lives and subconscious projections.

Discord Prayer

On this day I feel discord with you. I release this discord. I release all negative energy concerning it. I sever all energy cords I have sent to you and all energy cords you have sent to me, completely, above, below and around. I withdraw all energy I have inflated in any situation, conversation, past life or current life occurrence with you.

I forgive you for everything. I forgive myself, for everything. As the God that I am, I turn all negative energy I have sent to you into love. As the God that I am, I turn all negative energy you have directed towards me into love. I accept only love from you and offer only love to you.

I send you blessings for all the lessons you represent and wholeheartedly accept them. I release you from any further obligation I have created that could bring negativity into my life, or yours. I allow myself to see the role we have both played in this learning and thank you for helping me see that I am a whole being of loving light, and that I choose to learn in a loving and caring way.

Prayer for Centering

Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is… In this moment I call forth assistance to help me center. I let go of my day, my worries and concerns. I accept help from my guides and angels; I release all that I think is important to them. I allow the Light of God to open within me and clear me of all that is less than pure Light. With this Light I release distraction and burden, I embrace love and healing. My doubts and insecurities are replaced with knowledge and strength. I welcome peace. I am calm. I am relaxed. I welcome alignment; I AM connected to Source and grounded to Earth. I am centered.

Juggling Frequencies

Father, Mother, God, Source of all I Know: It is my intention to move forward in my chosen third dimensional expression as an example of unconditional love. I allow any pattern, thought form, frequency or interference that can be changed to accommodate and accept unconditional love to be changed now. For myself I allow further understanding and compassion that my journey on Earth is a walk of peace. I acknowledge all choices as influenceable, therefore I ask for protection for all bodies, levels, planes and aspects that make me who I am. Let this protection come in the highest, most advanced form of Light. Let it begin within me and move out to others in the form of unconditional love. I allow myself to be an example of Light, an example of good health, an example of joy. I release now any programs, thoughts, ideas, past lives, occurrences or influences that restrict my connection to God. As Light fills the expanse that is me, replacing what I have released I remember that I am the very spark that began all of creation. By the power of all that I AM I declare myself free of negative influences, free of negative interference, free of energies carrying less than 100% Christ Consciousness frequency. I proceed guided by the will of God as an example of unconditional love, balance, good health and joy.