Divine Accordance: Complete Chapter Two

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Divine Accordance by Holly Burger
Complete Chapter Two


Getting Vertical

Before I considered myself a Lightworker, I struggled with my concepts of spirituality and religion. There were momentary glimpses of Divinity, little crumbs along my jagged, rough, potholed spiritual path; but crumbs weren’t enough. I was starving for happiness, lost in my life and depressed.

The life I was lost in looked roughly like this: At twenty-three, a divorced single mother meets a wonderful man. Let’s call him Bobby Burger (his real and true name). They unite as a family, Bobby, with his two boys, and Holly, with her daughter. Holly relocates to Colorado and the family weaves together. Years go by and then Bobby’s ex-wife is diagnosed with cancer and dies, leaving her then fourteen and sixteen-year-old sons devastated. Timewise, these events lead to just a few years before I met my guides and work as I do now.

As you will learn later, near this time I also lost two best friends. Somehow, I managed to develop psychic abilities, albeit poorly, while learning things the hard way. That has changed, and you will find how as you continue reading. I want to help you as much as I can. So imagine someone struggling and desperate, barely coping with her life. We each have four main bodies; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I felt bombarded from every angle.

Meanwhile, the outside reality didn’t look bad. We purchased an old farmhouse with room for everyone and a barn/studio for my artistic endeavors. The kids got along great; Bobby and I were stable. Yet inside, I felt the chaos of psychic challenges and constant empathy, I could hardly tell my feelings from someone else’s. Bobby’s ex-wife lived with lung cancer for two and a half years before leaving this world. It was a difficult time for everyone and I became depressed, not only for her, but for the boys, and lastly, for me. I was overwhelmed with family management, psychic influx and over-feeling. Many times I was told that I was too sensitive and emotional. If anyone has accused you of being too sensitive, know that sensitivity is the first step of awareness. It is a sign that you are opening psychically.

After three traumatic funerals, our family was in a daze. My young stepsons coped with the loss of their mother by being typical teenagers. This, of course, meant bending, breaking or destroying things; things like rules, cars, themselves… Luckily, no permanent physical harm came to anyone, but the emotional and mental struggles were daily.

At that time, I felt a strong spiritual connection to birds, animals, my Medicine Cards[i] and Native American teachings. I hobbled along the weirdest spiritual path. Sometimes, I would receive messages and if I spoke them people would appreciate the information and want more. Yet if I tried to consciously locate a message, I would spout ego-derived ideas that did not carry the frequency of the spontaneous communication. It was difficult because I could not trust myself to deliver accurate information. My belief system was shaky, I didn’t have a clue where I found the good connections. My self-esteem suffered because I felt drawn to something greater, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what that was. I was lost in the craziness in my head. My depression deepened.

After moving to Colorado, my body changed. I suffered fatigue (which I had never felt), migraines, chronic PMS and abdominal pain. My doctor found no reason for the pain. But my guides were on it, I heard the word “endometriosis” several times and I actually listened, which was rare at that time. I researched the symptoms, and found mine to be the same. This was pre-internet, I did actual library research! After an ultrasound, my doctor reported that I did not have endometriosis. I was still early on my spiritual path, but natural medicine appealed to me. From library books I learned what herbs to take for endometriosis and started a strict regimen. I also did acupuncture three times per week.

 But abdominal pain persisted. After two emergency room visits, another doctor insisted that exploratory surgery was necessary. The surgery told a different story. There was quite a bit of endometriosis and scar tissue as well. Scar tissue is strong and resilient; when it adheres parts of your body together, if you move in a certain way it pulls, hence my pain.

The exploratory surgery gave me relief from pain for a few months, and then everything came back. Migraines, heavy menstrual cycles, PMS for twenty-eight out of thirty days (my poor husband!) and, my favorite, weight gain. Two years later, I had a hysterectomy. This concluded my female problems and my lease on life was renewed. Or so I thought.

All of this was simultaneous with Bobby’s ex-wife’s cancer struggle and with the sudden death of two friends. My mental body was vying for control; my physical body was trying to recover; my emotional body was overwhelmed, and my spiritual body was in revolt! So, guess what happened next? I landed at a spiritual group. That’s where my Lightworking story took a turn.

Once, I visited a metaphysical store. On the counter was a basket of rocks with writing on them. Have you seen something similar? One said “love”, another “peace”, and so on. I picked up one and it said, “Make your blocks stepping stones.” Oh right. Just wake up and the hardest thing in your life comes into your mind and you leap out of bed and gloriously look to the blue sky singing, “Today, la-la-la, is the day, la-la-la, that my heartbreaking misery turns into the building, la-la-la, blocks, la-la-la, and foundation, la, la, la, of my life… LA-LA-LA.” Uh-huh, yeah.

To me, that little rock was not speaking about the future; it was speaking about the past. Old blocks are your stepping stones. Because now, years later, I see that I am the master weaver of my complicated story. Those major issues are now bricks in my foundation. It may seem strange, but I am grateful. All the trials and experiences are how I compassionately developed my sense of self. Those experiences are the blocks or bricks on my path to my Lightwork.

My bumpy road is here, for you, in organized pages. Use this map to open yourself to unconditional love without drama, blame, projection, guilt, denial or depression. I offer my personal story as an example. I hope it helps you see that we are all in this together; your spiritual enlightenment is as important to me as mine.

Post hysterectomy, I thought my life would be perfect. But challenges kept coming. My hormones settled, but what I didn’t understand is that surgically induced menopause would be the gateway to a spiritual alignment like nothing I had ever known. Or heard of.

Well into my thirties, I learned the cure for depression. And it wasn’t from a bottle. This cure taught my heart to open and gave me the will to live. I received this miracle through spiritual connection. It begins with deeply connecting to Gaia, which is the mythological name for Mother Earth, and discerning your Divine connection to Source. I call this vertical alignment. I see it as a pillar of Light, vastly stretching from the core of the Earth to high above me.

To begin, we must learn about vertical alignment, the connection we each have to Earth and to Source. Creating vertical alignment describes grounding and connecting to the I Am Presence/Source/God. It is imperative for Lightworkers to maintain vertical energy. Are you wondering if you are a Lightworker? Well, let’s see if you pass the test to qualify. Do you act kindly to other people? Do you love? Do you feel connected to something that seems whole and pure and true? Does your conscious mind crave knowledge about mysticism, the beyond, God/Goddess, Source, Light, the ethers? I assume I heard a yes in there somewhere, and you might think that those are normal attributes of any good human. They are, but I want to ask a favor. Feel into your heart for a moment and read those questions again. Do you love, I mean do you feel a love that can bring you to tears? Love that makes you want to adopt every dog at the pound or give your lunch to a homeless person? Do you ever wonder why you are here and why it’s so hard? Or how could you get dumped on this planet of atrocities by some higher power? Do you find yourself wanting kindness, craving it like your starving for someone to open a door for you? Do you ever hate God? Hate the power that made life and love but also rape and murder? That’s a sign. Truly, compassion and emotion run high in Lightworkers. We tend to vote for underdogs and get passionate about anything that hurts what we love. Also, we change our minds. A lot. It’s part of the speed-of-light learning curve. Or remembering curve. We will get into that later

If you can relate, I dare say you are a Lightworker. A note on that word: Lightworker. Some people don’t like it. I have heard people say things like, it’s not work. I beg to differ; seriously, this is work. But I love it. I love the success of a communication that brings awareness. I love the light in a client’s eyes after a session. I love the release. The freedom. It is work, my work. And it’s done with Light.

As you read this book, you will open spiritual avenues for your personal guidance. Anticipate integrations and healings at every level. Assume you are ready to hear, see, feel and know your own personal Divine guidance and prepare for Divine messages. Prepare for releasing. This work, spiritual work, cleanses you. Purging, the cathartic experience of healing spiritually, may take time. Read this book at your own pace; open it when you are drawn to its messages, prayers, affirmations and the exercises given within. Allow your being to expand into the space realized when you cleanse, clear and heal.

You have many gifts and abilities. Do you know where you are strongest psychically? Below are the four main categories of psychic ability, sometimes called the clairs.

Clairaudient: clear hearing, the sense of hearing something that is not received by your physical ears.

Clairvoyant: clear sight, the sense of seeing either with an inner seeing (often called third-eye vision) or seeing what others don’t see, like ghosts.

Claircognizant: clear knowing, the sense of knowing something without being told, related to intuition.

Clairsentient: clear feeling, the ability to sense and understand someone’s feelings or emotions; empathy.

These are the most common abilities, but there are more clairs. It’s possible to have psychic reactions to spiritual messages that are personal and unique, such as a sense of smell or the twitching of an eye. As you read, pay particular attention to any repetitive reaction you experience; this may be one of your psychic abilities at work.

The definition of Lightwork mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, may be slightly cryptic. The funny thing about Lightwork is you don’t have to know you are a Lightworker to be one. Lightwork, quite simply, is working with Light; not lightbulbs type of light, I am talking about ethereal Light. Anyone motivated to do something that makes the world a better place works with Light. Lightworkers are not specific to healing or psychic work. They are often covert or unusual. I have encountered Lightwork in small ways at grocery stores, gas stations and bank lines. Once, I was in a grocery line behind a young man and woman. When the couple received their total they began chatting with the clerk, and putting items back because they had spent too much. The woman in front of them, still collecting her bags, insisted on helping. She gave them forty dollars. Nice Lightwork, yes?

You may know of famous Lightworkers like Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. However, covert Lightworkers fill our schools, hospitals, prisons, churches, mosques and synagogues. Do you remember certain teachers from your past? I remember Mr. Brown, my high school English teacher. God bless him! Tenth grade was the first time I felt confidence as a writer. Thanks for the Lightwork, Mr. Brown!

Most of us have experienced animals doing incredible Lightwork (I love a good dog story), but what about parents or even children?

In Berthoud, Colorado, there is an old train depot which I have used for spiritual classes. It has a big parking lot and endearing outdated décor. Because various groups meet at the Depot, I would take time to pray to clear negative energy before our gatherings. For me, clearing involves quiet meditating. Emphasis on quiet.

Before one particular group session, my sister happened to be passing through Berthoud with three young children, ages four to seven (my grandson and her two kids). They stopped in to say hello. The kids began running around the large room playing games. While my sister and I chatted, they got louder and louder. Meanwhile, I had one eye on the clock. When would they leave so I could work on setting space for tonight’s class? As time ticked by, I became nervous, and the kids got rowdier. Little voices were now big echoes. I didn’t want to chase them off, but it was getting close to class time. In my mind I said, “God, when are they going to leave so I can clear this space?”

I distinctly heard, “You don’t have to clear it, they are.” In a second, I realized these carefree children were running, laughing, yelling, screaming and doing my work! Their joy was clearing the room! Little Lightworkers!

I am certain we all know Lightworkers; it is my belief that we all can be Lightworkers. You might recognize Lightworking attributes within yourself or in someone small, like the overjoyed children. It doesn’t matter whether or not you can hear your guides; you can choose Lightwork as your conscious path. You can upgrade your existence, if you are a covert Lightworker, to the life of a conscious Lightworker.

We can all expand our comfort levels by getting to know our personal energy issues and creating opportunities for healing and self-expansion. You can pave the way for your path of Lightworking to open. The clearer we are, the more capable we are of doing our work, first for ourselves and ultimately for everyone and everything. I like the idea that peace begins with me, or… start in your own backyard.


What exactly is in my backyard?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to see what other people need to do? I, for example, can overlook the fourteen dirty dishes that I left on the counter and tell you exactly which one someone else left for me to clean.

We tend to notice what other people do, or don’t do. We form thoughts to go with our judgments: they need to do this; he should do this; she had better try that. I have found that spirituality does not eradicate criticism. If a mind thinks critically, we must address that tendency. Criticism is harsh; it hurts the giver and receiver. If you catch yourself monitoring the neighbor’s metaphorical backyard with judgment, try to stop. Take a moment to go within and examine your space, know what you are truly feeling. Try the Feeling Exercise.


Feeling Exercise

Find a place to sit. If you enjoy taking notes, grab some paper and a pen. You can sit anywhere: at home, in a restaurant or park, or even in your car. Close your eyes and take a moment to breathe. When you are comfortable, sense your physical body. Feel everything you can. If you want, jot a note about your feelings.

Breathe again, close your eyes and now feel your emotional body. What would it say if you asked, “How are you doing?” Sad, happy, excited, nervous? Maybe jot another note. Do this with your mental body, also taking notes. Next, with your spiritual body and more notes. Keep your eyes closed when you are feeling. Practice utilizing your extra senses.

Use your imagination if nothing comes to mind. When you are ready, bring your awareness back to your physical location and ask yourself these questions:

Do I feel safe?

In this exact moment, how do I feel?

Am I grounded, do I feel connected to the Earth/to Gaia, supported by my planet?

Do I feel connected to my Source?


Explore your answers. As you sense these subtle energies, note any messages you receive; they are important to read later. You might find a new voice of compassion or helpful ideas. Many times, I have jotted a note while enjoying the energy around me and assumed it to be nothing, only to read it later and find a spiritual voice in my own writing. What a gift and surprise. This is a good start to meditating, which we will discuss soon.

You can expand this exercise by exploring beyond your four main bodies. Feel into your room or space. Remember not to trespass, this is not about how others are doing; please don’t use your psychic abilities to spy. Empower yourself with confidence and clarity by becoming aware of you. You may discover masked emotion, instead of what you perceive to be your feelings. Open to the integrity of your being; trust yourself.

The Feeling Exercise can help you discover what is in your own backyard, possibly what you are blind to that others can see. When we are aware, we feel more confident, less vulnerable. Your ability to sense becomes an inner gauge. Every hunch, inkling, instinct, notion, idea and gut feeling has an origin. Do you know what that is? Could it be your psychic ability? Or possibly spiritual guidance?

We all have special ways of communicating with ourselves psychically. But do we know when it is happening? Recently, I sensed that hurrying to an appointment was unnecessary, even though it would make me late. Nervously, I forced myself to drive the speed limit and follow my intuition. When I arrived, about five minutes late, I had to wait ten more. In hindsight, I wish that I had taken the time to sense where the information was coming from; I assumed it was a hunch. During my extra ten minutes of waiting, I thanked my guides and Angels for their help, hoping that next time I would tune in to the information and use my senses to feel comfortable.

It’s possible you already have an inner voice that is so familiar you don’t realize that it is your spiritual guidance. Practice exploring your own energy, and then notice how you perceive the energy of others. Locate the gifts and talents (your clairs) that are essential for personal growth. Explore any messages that come forth. Please don’t worry it should be more or wonder if it’s good. Let it be exactly as it is. It’s your awareness, your sense, your interpretation. No matter where it is, on whatever scale you can dream up, it is perfect. Perfect for you, perfect for now.

If you consider the energy fields around you as your yard, it makes sense to explore your backyard, and your front yard, maybe the side yard, and don’t forget the… well, that’s in a later chapter!


What is spirit anyway?

So that you can understand my references to spirit, I will explain what my guides have taught me. Briefly, a Soul incarnates and goes to a body; the spirit is what holds the body and Soul together, sort of like ethereal glue.

The word spirit can refer to ghosts, boogie monsters, dis-embodied beings, your dead aunt, etc. For example, “The spirits kept me up all night!” All that we cannot see can be referred to as spirit. To avoid confusion, I will refrain from using spirit as a general word. If I mention Spirit, I am speaking of the part of us that exists and is named,  I will use a capital “S”.

When I ask my guides about the origin of Spirits, Souls and why I am here, I get stories. This is one I’ve paraphrased. Let’s pretend there’s a Soul named Super-Spectacular, nicknamed Sue. Consider Sue descending a ladder from high above (metaphor alert). As Sue descends, she begins to forget not only where she came from, but also where she is going and why. Obviously, she is moving toward something, so she continues her descent. At the point of forgetting everything, Sue the Soul, finds herself without form. Luckily, Sue has spiritual guides who gently direct her to a womb where she joins a physical body already in the progress of developing. Being a Soul, Sue has no resistance, only flow and purity of consciousness. While Sue is falling asleep, forgetting more and more (even her own awareness of being a Soul) something begins to form between her and the body; an ethereal sticky substance, attaching the Soul to the body so it doesn’t vacate, it is her Spirit.

Now the Soul has committed to the body and can stay. When the body is born, it receives a name. Mothers don’t know the Soul name of their babies, and the Spirit is new so it has no name. The mother chooses a name she likes. Let’s say Sue the Soul is renamed Suzanne, due to the highly intuitive nature of her mother. Suzanne is now equipped with a Soul, Spirit and body. When Suzanne is finished experiencing life on Earth, she will die. Her body will return to Earth through cremation or burial; her Soul will go back up the ladder to Source, and the Spirit will change. Without the physical body, the Spirit moves into an essence; it becomes part of the archive of the Soul. Each Soul contains the history of every Spirit it has become; these are your past lives.

On some death occasions, or shall we say opportunities, the Light that comes forth to gather a Spirit is refused. In this case, the Spirit can stay attached to Earth without a body. It can get stuck in the astral field, a type of in-between place in the fourth dimension around our planet. (More dimension talk soon…)

In Chapter One, I mentioned Christ Conscious Light. I can’t remember when I first heard it, but it stuck. Patricia Cota-Robles[ii] uses it, and I have heard it from others, as well. When a Jewish client told me that she didn’t sit well with this term, I did my own research. That is how I learned that Christ is Greek for ‘Christos’, a title meaning ‘anointed one’. Jesus of Nazareth was given the title. But being Christed is not synonymous with Jesus. Christ Consciousness is the term describing enlightenment, or to be in one’s God Self. It is the most advanced description that can be given to a human or Light Being. As you can imagine, that is who I want to work with in my Lightwork.

One other term I want to discuss is the High-Self. Between each being and Source is a light that is called the Oversoul, Higher Self or High-Self. This is a place of residence for your High-Self Committee, see it as a combination of you and Source/Creator. When I came into contact with my High-Self, I saw many Light Beings. Since then I have seen others with committees, or groups of pure Light Beings at the High-Self level that hold one’s best interests and greatest intent. When you do the Feeling Exercise, you can work with your high-self. Now, let’s talk about those questions.


Question #1: Do I feel safe?

Ask yourself, “Do I feel safe?” Then write about anything that comes to mind and look for clues. For a million reasons, we may not feel safe or secure. Bad childhood, fired from a job, yelled at by a teacher, hurt in a past life, abandoned by a lover, etc. There is, however, good news. It’s all energy! Energy can shift and change. If you don’t feel safe, there is hope; you can change that feeling. If you feel depressed, shamed, stagnant, angry, sad or ungrateful—remember any feeling can change.

A client, I’ll call Brenda, had significant improvement in creative projects and overall communication after we worked on a childhood experience. When Brenda was a shy six-year old, her parents occasionally hired a babysitter. Brenda remembers liking her babysitter and looking forward to their time together. It was a big surprise when the babysitter claimed Brenda scribbled crayon on her important homework. Brenda defended her innocence, having no memory of ruining anyone’s homework

As an adult, Brenda began having flashbacks of this memory. Including the humiliation of being accused and punished. Although Brenda did not receive severe punishment, something imprinted itself on her young mind. She was no longer good; her reputation was damaged, along with her self-confidence. Afterward, Brenda felt it was unsafe to express herself, especially artistically.

When Brenda began searching for creative blocks, the incident surfaced. Initially, she ignored the memory because it did not seem relevant, but her guides offered reminders; it was time to heal. When she spoke of the memory in our session, we were led into prayer work; it was time to heal Brenda’s memory and her subconscious mind’s storage of humiliation, shame and punishment.


Brenda is now a successful artist, but does not use crayon! Born creative, I believe Brenda may have drawn a beautiful picture on an available piece of paper, possibly as gift. Once occupied with something else, such as another toy, the memory of her artwork drifted. The accusation was of “scribbling on homework”; this would not make sense to the young aspiring artist.

I was honored to be of service in this situation. The fear and restriction ingrained in young Brenda’s mind was healed by releasing the subconscious imprints of humiliation and punishment. During our session, in raised frequencies, Brenda was able to change her feelings about the childhood incident by revisiting it with the intention of healing. I used strong vertical energy and high frequencies to create sacred space for a healing session with her. I followed my spiritual guides’ specific instructions for Brenda’s healing. There are ways to begin the process of healing, and to feel safe, without involving a psychic. You can use affirmations, for instance: “I feel safe” or “I am loved”. You can talk about a memory: “I was once criticized by a teacher, but I realize that it was her opinion and she was having a bad day”.

Feeling safe is essential, we need that space to heal. What would you tell a friend, or child, who does not feel safe? It’s an important question. Why is it an important question, besides the fact that asking questions activates the part of your mind that answers and triggers your guides to offer help? (Did you catch all that?) Because we are all healers, innately. Sometimes, when we have something trapped within ourselves our inner-healers are switched off, like a television set. Asking can turn on that inner feed. Visualize a small child asking a grumpy old man something like, “What do you most want to know?” Most adults, grumpy or not, would take the time to answer with sincerity, consciousness and, most importantly, integrity. Try having a conversation with your inner child, or an actual small child. See what compassion and wisdom pours forth from you for your own healing. Sometimes, we feel safer by helping others to feel safe, even if the other is another part of ourselves.

When you ask yourself those four questions from the Feeling Exercise, intend to give the most open answers, even if you don’t exactly know them in the moment. Remember, we overflow with traits that are actually reactions to times when we did not feel safe. You are a fundamental advertisement of your history. Is your life a series of protective moves or conscious decisions? Are you reacting or are you proactive? If you are not feeling safe, and find yourself consistently reacting to past danger, you may find it difficult to be your Lightworking self. We are consciously evolving, in other words enlightening. When you address subconscious fear and release restriction, you begin to feel safe. Lead the creative, safe, Lightworking life you were born to live.


Question # 2: In this exact moment, how do I feel?

You can use this book to energetically and spiritually heal yourself, and others, but remember—start with your own backyard. Let’s imagine that you go to a movie, alone. Visualize yourself sitting in a large crowded theater. Before the movie begins, you listen as the people around you enter. There’s activity and distraction all around you; and you start to pick up energy. While your physical ears are busy listening, consider… what else are you doing? Is one of your clairs working? Could you be using your awareness to check out the people sitting behind you? Could you sense something about another person while they are talking?

After you sense what is going on around you, examine yourself. Pay attention to your body language: Are your arms crossed for protection? Is your head tilted down in thought or up with an open and inviting expression? Now, a biggie: what feelings are you experiencing that weren’t with you a few minutes earlier? Play this game at a restaurant or seminar, open up to inner feelings you may be overlooking. This is a careful expansion of the Feeling Exercise. Remember, just check what’s around you, no psychic spying! Don’t underestimate your clair-abilities.

Consciously aware people must be able to sense their feelings and those of others for one simple reason… to know the difference. Have you heard the term empathic? An empathic person senses the feelings or emotions of others, much like a clairsentient (one who psychically senses emotions). The problem with empathy arises when one cannot discern between another’s emotions and their own. If you are empathic and clairsentient, it is essential to learn when you choose to feel. That may sound ominous, but you can do it. It does not serve a Lightworker when empathy is creating an unconscious vacuum that is turned on and sucking up emotion from every direction.

Unfortunately, empathy can afflict psychic people negatively. Empaths can sense so acutely that they get confused, not knowing which emotions are their own. The story I use to explain empathic ability goes like this: I happily went to the grocery store. After I got home, I felt like my dog died, and I don’t even have a dog! There are times when I have stood where other people stand, like that grocery store line, and felt a new consciousness enter my thoughts. If you tune in, you can identify the emotions of people who passed through the exact same spot you occupy right now. Know what you are sensing personally, then you will realize when something strange/different/unusual comes into your thinking.

Why would we empathize? Why would we feel energies or emotions that aren’t our own? In other words, why would we spend time examining the backyard of someone else? Maybe, possibly, because we are making sure we are safe. It’s a radar system. Do you understand? When you ask yourself those questions about safety, take a close look at question number one: do I feel safe? And question number two: in this exact moment, how do I feel? Ask yourself, “Am I assessing my feelings or am I empathizing feelings?” The answer will tell you whether you are checking in with yourself personally, to see if you are safe, or if you are checking in with the feelings of people around you to see if you are safe. A person that spends time and energy empathizing will not be able to create safety. If we are sending our energy out, horizontally, we are not creating a vertical connection between Gaia, our physical bodies and Source.

[i] Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, Jamie Sams & David Carson, Bear & Company Publishing, 1988.

[ii] Author, speaker and beautiful Lightworker, check out Patricia Cota-Robles and her many books at: www.eraofpeace.org.


And then… Creating Vertical Energy

Lightwork is sometimes covert. When you think of a Lightworker, you might consider someone famous like Oprah Winfrey. She’s no more a Lightworker than you are. It’s a term to describe people on a path of spiritual opening. Do you know the best part of being a Lightworker? There is no person to judge you, no contest, no grade, no rules. It’s between you and Source. On the bright side, if you love—you spread light. On the even brighter side—if you are conscious, spiritually awake and aware, you spread light. We either are, or can choose to be Lightworkers. For the sake of the information offered here, let’s make the call right here and now: you are a Lightworker. From now on, you can proudly claim your status and confidently move forth in your characteristically wonderful gestures, called Lightwork. (Cue: fireworks and music!)

As a Lightworker, you belong to a vast community of beings: the other Lightworkers. This is what my guides call an alliance. We connect to each other through the Divine. Imagine a stream of light, going from tiny points on Earth to Source. You will have to stretch your imagination to see the Oneness, but you can do it. Imagine you connect to every person, animal, Angel, guides, Ascended Master, Archangel and more. Just make sure you see that connection extending from you to Source and Source to the others, vertically. Any other way creates horizontal connections; those are the ones to avoid. The common term for that is cording. We are all connected through an intricate grid system, but for this lesson think of light, your Light, and reflect on the most Divine connection each of us can have. It is to Source, not to each other. Using our abilities to connect horizontally, person to person, is similar to a telephone line and it only impairs our ability to connect vertically. Beware, do not confuse connecting horizontally with feeling or sensing the energy around your body.

Your vertical energy is a Pillar of Light and it offers you many opportunities, specifically: protection. In your Pillar of Light, you can create raised frequencies for communication with ethereal guides of Light. It takes time and discipline to train your awareness to work inside a field of protection. The prayers and exercises in this book teach you how to do that. Also keep in mind that this is no new thing to you, Light is innately who and what you are. You might assume you are learning, but ultimately it is remembering. There is more detail on this in Chapter Three, where you will read an important prayer, Choose to Remember.

Next is the Vertical Alignment Technique. It is essential that you ground to the core of the Earth/connect with Gaia, to be your strongest. Think of a tree with shallow roots; we don’t want any Lightworkers tipping over. The more Light you integrate, the stronger your grounding needs to be. This is true for me still, after years of this type of work one would think grounding would be complete. It’s never done. I liken it to an outbreath, we don’t just breathe in—we inhale, then release it.

You will see that Vertical Alignment Technique is written twice. First, as an exercise with directions to guide you, use this until you can manage grounding and connecting from memory. Later you can use the Technique without directions to enhance your vertical connection. Grounding and connecting with Source are part of my daily practice. I get vertical before doing any type of Lightwork with another person; it is essential for anyone dealing with spiritual energy.


Vertical Alignment Technique

(with directions)

 Before meditation, it’s helpful to create your venue. Plan ahead so that noise, phones or people don’t distract you. Light a candle or incense, bring a spiritual feeling to your space; treat it as sacred. You might like a special shawl, soft instrumental music or your favorite journal. Sit in a comfortable chair with your spine straight and feet on the floor. Be conscious in your space, be calm.

Focus on your chest in the area of your heart; this is your heart chakra. Take a few centering breaths and close your eyes. Imagine a pure white flame in your heart chakra. Let it burn bright and true. Say the following:

Father/Mother/God/Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is, I call forth to the highest frequencies of Light. Please help me access my internal flame.

Imagine the white flame growing into a ball of Light. Let it expand into a small sun within your chest. Feel the warmth and glow. State:

I allow my internal Light to nourish and replenish me. I am blessed through Divine channels; I am loved.

Now imagine a radiant beam from your ball of Light moving up through your body, slowly and carefully through throat, head, and out the crown chakra (the top of your head). Send this beam of Light straight up. This will follow your crystalline cord of Light. Continue your prayer by asking:

I call forth to my guides and Angels: please assist me; help me connect with my High-Self.

High above you, imagine another ball of Light, this is your High-Self. Watch or sense your Crystalline Cord of Light travel up and unite with your High-Self. Take a moment to feel or sense this connection.

Then, visualize a great sun above your High-Self; this represents the I Am Presence/Source/Creator. Send your Crystalline Cord to the center of this Light, asking:

I call forth to my guides and Angels: please assist me; help me connect with the I Am Presence.

After a moment of connecting and feeling, allow the I Am Presence/Source/Creator to return a Light back to you through your Crystalline Cord. Feel this Light enter your body through the crown chakra and join the pure white Light in your heart chakra. Say:

I am One with Divine Light.

When you are ready, send another beam of Light down through your body and into the Earth. You can send Light down both legs and see it meet again below your feet or as a single beam coming out the root chakra at the base of your spine. This is your grounding cord. Ask:

Angels and guides please assist me further; help me ground and connect with Gaia, the Soul of Earth, in the most appropriate way.

Send your Light deep into the Earth. Your guides will help you find the best way to anchor. Feel Gaia welcome your Light and your Divine Connection. Say:

I am one with my planet: Earth, Gaia.

When you are ready, allow the Light to travel up the grounding cord to your physical body. Feel the Light from Source and the Light from Earth/Gaia merge within you.

Let the Light Expand into a Pillar. Feel it surround you, wide enough for your arms to spread. Feel the nurturing warmth and support from Gaia. Feel the peace and love from Source. You are now a great conduit of Light between the Mother and the Father. Continue your prayer:

As a physical conduit, in service of the Divine, I am a Pillar of Light between Earth/Gaia and the I Am Presence.

Thank you and Amen.


When you are complete, take a moment to journal any thought or new awareness. Come back to your conscious mind; make sure you are still grounding.

You will remain in your Pillar of Light as long as the level of energy you created for your connection is present. In truth, we are permanently connected to the Divine and with Earth/Gaia. The point isn’t to create the connections, it is to maintain and enhance them. Vertical Light supports consciousness and opens you to receive communication from guides. As humans we tend to reach out to each other with energy. If this energy is oriented by ego or a judging thought it can become draining, even unhealthy. Horizontal energy is like a pancake, open and flat. Vertical energy is strong and stable.

The Vertical Alignment Technique helps your mind understand connection to Earth and Source Light. Ultimately, we are one with everything. We incarnated on planet Earth leaving many of our tools packed away, safely, in an ethereal suitcase. Until we can understand limitless life without matter, it is helpful to nurture ourselves with techniques that are easy to understand, like Vertical Alignment.


Vertical Alignment Technique
(without directions)

Father/Mother/God/Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is: I call forth to the highest frequencies of Light. Please help me access my internal flame.

I allow my internal Light to nourish and replenish me. I am blessed through Divine channels. I am loved.

I call forth to my guides and Angels: please assist me; help me connect with my High-Self.

I call forth to my guides and Angels: please assist me; help me connect with the I Am Presence.

I am One with Divine Light.

Angels and guides please assist me further, help me ground and connect with Gaia, the Soul of Earth, in the most appropriate way.

I am one with my planet, Earth, Gaia.

As a physical conduit, in service of the Divine, I am a Pillar of Light between Gaia and the I Am Presence.

Thank you and Amen.


In addition to the Vertical Alignment Technique, there is a prayer which is also helpful with this integration.


Vertical Alignment Prayer
(different from exercise)

 Father/Mother/God/Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is; I call forth to the highest frequencies of Light. Please help me access my internal flame.

I allow my internal Light to nourish and replenish me. I am blessed through Divine channels, I am loved.

Please assist me, help me connect with my High-Self and the I Am Presence.

I am One with Divine Light.

Please assist me further, help me ground and connect with Gaia and Earth in the most appropriate way.

I am One with my planet, Earth, Gaia.

As a physical conduit, in service to the Divine, I am a Pillar of Light between Earth and the I Am Presence.

Thank you and Amen.


Dimensions of Confusion

It would be helpful to be on the same page when it comes to dimensions. Whether you believe in nine, twelve, eighteen or some other number, we are all experiencing the dimensions of planet Earth. Recognize the first dimension as rocks and Earth, the second dimension as animals and plants and third as the human realm. The fourth dimension is often called the astral plane, dead people can get stuck there and it’s full of psychic information. (Psychics can get stuck there, too.) The fourth dimension can also refer to our subconscious mind, but I like to leave that bit for advanced studies. For our purposes, we will carefully dodge the 4D for safety while learning. I love the fifth dimension; some call it the dimension of the Ascended Masters. It’s like heaven; in fact, some regard it as heaven. The sixth and higher dimensions are where you can find guides, Angels and more. If you explore any dimension stay in your Pillar of Light, remember that everything can come to you, every experience, every vision, every piece of information.


What is channeling?

Since the beginning of my work, I have thought of myself as a conduit. I go into a meditative state and allow my guides to speak through me while I am aware of everything. Working with etheric beings in this way is sometimes called channeling. There are degrees of channeling. One might surrender body and voice to be a trance channel (generally considered to be very dangerous) or work consciously, as I do.

Remember that when a person channels, the conduit is a human, emotional being. There will be a percentage of personality, thought, ego or experience from the channel. We are our four main bodies—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If you use your physical vehicle to channel spiritual aspects, it would be fair to assume the mental and emotional would be present. This is important to remember. A resonance of ego will likely be available in channeled teachings. In the past, I have judged messages from psychics because I felt they were not clear. However, when I sat with the information for a bit, I felt the message open and speak to me. Eventually, I was able to set aside my ego response of suspecting ego so that I could absorb the Light being offered. At times our human judgment impairs us, we spend more time looking for perfection than listening.

The beauty of working with Christ Consciousness Light is the pureness of God/Goddess/Source. We will talk about this more, as you develop or enhance your specific clair abilities. When it comes to messages and channeling, we can serve ourselves by looking for consistency over perfection. When I personally experience judgment, rather than berate myself for not being absolutely clear, I have learned to celebrate my being, my learning and whatever frequency I am encountering at the time. I look for the truth, even if it’s a tiny seed, whether I am listening or talking. This takes practice. Through many years of working with ethereal beings I have learned to feel confident that I am working with Christ Consciousness Light and to accept the messages as simply that, messages. They are like envelopes; you open them and if you don’t like the contents, look in the next envelope.

Channeling is a wonderful tool. As you continue reading, you will learn how to open yourself as a channel and conduit for your High-Self to receive clear Divine messages from Creator. We are all conduits for higher ways of being. Each one of us sat down at an ethereal table and chose the circumstances in which we incarnated. Why are we here? I trust we are here to elevate Light frequencies on our planet. Daily we are presented with circumstances that give us the chance to make decisions. We choose: light or dark, fear or joy, old pattern or healing. It is moment-by-moment, day-by-day, lifetime-by-lifetime. Now is the time to recognize that we are not cattle being poked by prods; we are individuals with histories and awareness. We can use our intelligence to gently remove the prods from the herders and walk them into a new way of thinking.

One of the ways I can tell if I am on the right track is by sensing if my guides are near me. My husband tells me that he can’t win an argument because he has to fight with my guides and me, but that isn’t true. When my ego flares up the guides move away. It’s not a conscious choice on their part, they don’t jive with ego frequencies; joy frequencies are much higher. I have imagined Angels and guides looking at their glowing white watches saying, “Here she goes again, let’s take a break.” I do admit, that’s a mental illustration to make me wrong, one of my favorite genetically blessed tricks. Or, as my mom would say, “She comes by it honestly.” That means that my sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc., all have a berating ability. I often worry that I am wrong. The funny thing is that when I worry I am wrong, I actually move about in the world trying to make others conclude that I am right. Hence my excellent arguing ability; and just so you know, I prefer the word debating, it sounds less wrong. From that, maybe you can glean a bit about our human tendency to question ourselves. Learning to recognize your guides involves an inner trust, something I am perpetually learning to enhance.

Debating and arguing whether with spouse or self, it’s all the same thing. It’s discordant energy and it is not conducive to spiritual communication. If you want your spiritual pure Light guides to channel through you, as often as possible, you must create space for them.


Who gets to channel?

I don’t know at what age I began hearing my guides. I don’t have a sweet spiritual history with cozy stories from my grandma. I drove a car and dragged myself behind it. I tortured, haunted and hated my favorite person: me. Somehow, I opened a door to the spiritual realms, but didn’t know how to manage the entities, lost Souls, clingy ghosts and guidance all talking at once. The craziness was always with me. Maybe I was born psychic, but I had no references. From a young age, I was told to stop talking, stop pointing things out, stop interjecting when you aren’t asked, stop, stop, stop. So that’s how I thought: stop, stop, stop. Those negative thoughts had a great effect on my will to live; I wanted to leave. I was interested in death, which makes sense now, but back then, I thought it was because I shouldn’t be here.

I was frustrated and depressed, trying to stifle the gift of actually hearing my spiritual guidance. But how do you turn off the thing that will actually heal you? It wasn’t easy, but I tried. As a teenager, I wrote about my emotions. I had notebooks of poems and ramblings about depression and loss. I turned to music, commiserating with sad songs. But I had not lost, or suffered; I was living the life of an empath, feeling moments that were not happening to me. My sensitivities were acute; I felt emotional, lonely and unloved. I was often overwhelmed, not understanding that many of my feelings were from somewhere else. Then, I found that drugs and alcohol had a lovely numbing effect on my ‘sensitivities’. Finally, I was relieved of the activity in my mind.

My drinking career was in full bloom by the time I was in High School. I was coping, but not hidden. My intuition was noticed, friends came to me with their problems and finally I felt like I had a group of people that I could trust. Then I met my first husband. We married young… that pause was for you to imagine that I got married at 15 or 16, that way you won’t be appalled to learn that I was actually married at 18. Yes, I was pregnant. After all the years of hating myself, closing down my spiritual connection and wandering Earth via an arid Soul, I was in love. He was everything to me. He made me consider that I was possibly pretty. He not only loved me, he adored me and clung to me. I became his healer. Our marriage lasted 3 years.

The blessing was my daughter, Jennifer. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped smoking (both kinds) and drinking. I became a model pre-mother. In hindsight, this pregnancy was a spiritual intervention. Suddenly I was the sacred vessel, and I took the care of my child very seriously. At first, it seemed perfect. I dedicated myself to Jennifer and my husband. Later, I would say that my husband kept forgetting he was married, which is not all that strange for an eighteen-year-old young man. But I never forgot, and I never strayed from my commitment to them.

During the following years, I moved physically and grew emotionally. I left my husband and continued on my journey of trying to fight depression and the strange voices. I met my current (and favorite) husband when I was twenty-three. He scooped up Jennifer, and me, and we created a new family with his two sons in Colorado. All the while, I enjoyed weekends of partying (that’s what we called it) and struggled with my emotional stability. This gave only small and slight openings to my guides. I would receive little bits of guidance in heart-centered moments. If I intently listened to a friend’s problems, I would hear or sense a resolution, which I shared. Often they would be grateful so I would try to find more guidance and share it and then share it again and maybe again if we didn’t have time. My ego was starving, my mental body imbalanced and my heart was all over the place.

In agonizing slow motion, I found my way to be me. I learned to set sacred space for messages from ethereal guides, to wait for permission before sharing any messages and most importantly, I learned to love myself.

As my story unfolds, I will share tricks to living peacefully, easily and comfortably. The thing I want you to know is that you don’t have to suffer. You don’t have to put up with depression, insomnia, worry and doubt. A few years after moving to Colorado, I found a path of Light and followed it. It began bumpy and uncomfortable, yet somehow I stayed on it to discover that I, Holly Burger, have a gift. Who knew? Maybe you have a gift to discover. This book is my road map of spiritual discovery, made in hindsight. It’s intended to help you discover and grow your gifts. My path of sharing was affirmed recently when a client of many years told me she heard an Angel speak. Amazing! We don’t usually know how to cultivate our spirituality, where to focus or when or why. I may not be on hand to ask your guides questions for you, but I have ethereal arrows. And they all point to the clearing and healing that we all need/want/desire to gain spiritual communication.

This is not a special gift bestowed upon the lucky, righteous or dedicated. It’s simple organization; when we line up, we connect. It’s all about getting vertical.