Holly Burger teaches metaphysical and art classes; contact her to set up a class for you and your friends.

invictus mandala by holly burger

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Art: Holly teaches various art classes for individuals and groups, all art classes are by request. These include oil/watercolor/acrylic painting, multi-media art/collage, wire wrapping and jewelry classes. Check out Holly’s Art Gallery here.

Business Tools for Lightworkers: Create a new reality for prosperity, happiness and satisfaction with this unique approach to business for people in healing arts. Learn the ‘Four Fundamentals of Business and Lightwork’.

Channel Lessons/Interactive Readings: These interactive classes are done privately and loosely based on the Connect With Spirit format. Each session is brought through with the same intentions Holly uses for readings. In person or via phone.

Connect With Spirit: Holly channels guidance to groups. These interactive and on-going groups are available in-person and on line. Check the CWS schedule link for upcoming classes!

Connect With Spirit Teacher Facilitation Certification: The original 12 CWS classes, channeled by Holly in 2004, offer a proven format for teaching many types of classes. Holly offers a system that is easy to learn and apply to your gifts and talents.

DNA Activation and Thetahealing™: Although not currently teaching Theta: Holly is certified as teacher and practitioner of Thetahealing™ by its originator, Vianna Stibel. This remarkable healing technique uses communication with Source through theta waves. Theta workers use ‘digging’ to find lost or hidden thought forms that encumber your manifestation fields. Once clear, miracles can happen.

(Holly knows this first hand as she had a healing with Vianna in May of 2006 during her teacher’s training in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Read about Holly’s story here.)

Friday Night Light: Create Friday fun with Holly. Join a candid conversation about releasing all kinds of things. Do your co-workers bother you? Is traffic making you crazy? Are you feeling annoyed? Holly uses prayer and metaphysical perspective to help you re-create. A little light on Friday night will start your weekend just right!

Intuitive Gifts:  Tools and Techniques for Personal Empowerment: We are all more powerful when centered, conscious & decisive. You can amplify these properties in your life! Learn to use a pendulum to check six things that open your consciousness. Feel more aware of your intuition and use it!

Mandala Class: A coloring experience! The word ‘mandala’ means circle. This class merges old traditions and modern expression. Learn to draw a circle of life and intuitively create you own mandala. This class includes meditation and is spiritually based. More info here!

Manifesting Tools: Turn negative thoughts into positive beliefs: Do you feel like you run into the same old patterns? Kick ‘em out of their comfy beds and create a new home for your true heart Divine existence! Learn how to use creative thinking to release sub-conscious blocks. Live free and full!

Meditation: If you desire expansion, new vision, great psychic abilities & clearer guidance this is the class for you! Many ask Holly how to open to their guidance, this is the meditation technique she uses & recommends. (click here for more information)

Officiating: Holly is available for weddings and ceremony. Although Colorado does not require the officiate to be licensed, Holly is an ordained Reverend through Universal Life Church, Modesto, CA. Prices vary depending on location, type of ceremony, etc.

Tele-Classes: Many of Holly’s classes are available as seminars over the phone. Please check calendar for upcoming dates and further information.