Three or four times per year we experience Mercury Retrograde. If you have ever pulled up to a stop light and thought the car in the next lane was rolling backward, that is what Mercury does. It appears to move backward.

The context is that while Mercury is not really moving backward, we begin to get confused. Planets orbit our Sun, pulled by gravity. Each planet pulls as well. Everything held in a gravitational orbit affects its surroundings.

You, dear Lightworkers, are mostly water. Guess what happens when there is a full moon? Or a planet swings around to a certain place? We are affected. So here you are, innocently living your Lightworking life, when something pulls. Mercury pulls you and now… Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto pull you. Yes, five planets will be in retrograde this month.

When I asked my guides what it’s like for people right now, I felt like I was walking with concrete shoes. Suddenly, I couldn’t move fast. My feet were so heavy that I was easily thrown off balance. I asked, what can I do? The message I received showed me that it was not the weight of concrete shoes causing me to lose balance, it was moving forward with indecision.

If we take a moment to breathe into the present time, we can center our energy lower. We can ground and connect with the core of Earth. You must do this. If you want to feel more control over the four bodies you were blessed with for this incarnation, ground, connect to Mother Gaia and get in sync with your life path.

People are feeling their spiritual bodies. We are tuning into psychic connection, hearing, seeing and more. You are likely on a path of opening your personal toolbox of spiritual gifts. Please remember that ether gifts do not serve us until they are grounded into the planet. Here is why: Each of us chose to do something here. That choice comes with supplies and information. It may appear that those things are on the upper shelf of the library and you have to climb up to get them, but that is not the case. Sit down and ask for all that you need to be given to you.

Find a chair in your ethereal library, sit and ask for what you want. Ground, let your Divine Knowledge flow through you and into Earth. You are here to heal things. Things like you, and Earth, and the multitudes of wrong. Give your Light and love to Gaia. Be the Lightworker you were born to be and through that dedication you will find that Mercury is a reminder to be thoughtful instead of a threat of disaster.

Grounding, that over-used/possibly-annoying word is the mother of your destiny. Learn how electricity needs to be grounded and you might see that your vibrant energy needs the same. We stabilize when we ground. If you are blessed with a spiritual integration, grounding the energy is how you keep it. Don’t let the gifts, your Divine Gifts, dance around your upper chakras and then retreat to the ethers. Grab those books from the top shelf by sitting down and pulling them to you. Send your gifts/wisdom/innate-knowledge down to the core and then bask in the massive Pillar of Light that you are.

You’re amazing. Concrete shoes are like feathers on your ethereal feet.

And Mercury, he’s just a round friend reminding you to check things twice, smile kindly and carry on.

Blessings to you on your spiritual road,




PS: From my book Divine Accordance:


Vertical Alignment Prayer

Father/Mother/God/Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is; I call forth to the highest frequencies of Light. Please help me access my internal flame.

I allow my internal Light to nourish and replenish me. I am blessed through Divine channels, I am loved.

Please assist me, help me connect with my High-Self and the I Am Presence.

I am One with Divine Light.

Please assist me further, help me ground and connect with Gaia and Earth in the most appropriate way.

I am One with my planet, Earth, Gaia.

As a physical conduit, in service to the Divine, I am a Pillar of Light between Gaia and the I Am Presence.

Thank you and Amen.

Excerpt from Divine Accordance, Holly Burger,




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