Dear Friend,

Since I was very young, I have felt the need to pour my thoughts onto paper. In this section of my website you will find stories that I have chosen because they were learning experiences for me.

Some are healings, some are stories I received in readings or meditation.

I would love your feedback if you are touched in any way.

Many blessings,


Me & Patricia Cota-Robles, August 2013-

After an amazing experience I wrote about the World Congress on Illumination. Read it!

Holly’s ThetaHealing Story-

This actually happened! True healing with Viana Stibel.

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Giving Presents? Ask yourself how, what and why!

Gifting should be about thought. Or about witnessing a need. It has turned into an obligatory mess. Revise old conditioning by setting up new rules. You can tell everyone you know that you are changing this game, or…

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Opposition is a trick of the dark.

Balance resides in the middle and any time you lean to much one way or another, you reach imbalance. That is the exact time dark forces (for lack of a better term) pour an influx of energy into the cause.

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How to Prepare for Phone Sessions

My lesson: I work with energy. Energy doesn’t have time, space or dimension. Once I released my fear, judgment and insecurity, phone readings were born. For me, anyway.

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Feel Good Pop-Up Events is Born

Like a flower, FGPU opened from a simple idea, to give something away. If you offer something free to your clients, and several other people do the same, you will end up with a room full of people receiving. The energy is incredible.

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Summer Energy Challenges

Peace. Peace is not only an act, it is a walk. To be angry diverts your energy, even if you are angry about a horrific story. If you feel anger, step into it and let emotion move it out like a wave of water. Feel anger, try not to store it. Feel it fully and completely the way you would a mouth full of your favorite food. Storing it for later brings rotten results. When anger leaves, you can concentrate on walking in peace once again.

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Is everybody moving?

Let’s just say that you were one of those folks that answered a clarion call. You moved to be in service, to do Lightwork. (Most of us don’t even realize we are doing this!) Also, let’s say that you woke up a few days ago and thought…

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Extra Tools for Managing Empathy

If you read my last Raw & Real Blog, then you are aware of my struggle with a recent release of grief. As well as how I was directed to go to Chapter Two of Divine Accordance for a Psychic Development class of seasoned Lightworkers and speak about being an empath....

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Managing Empathy

“If you are to deliver any information to another person, it should be clear. And concise. Clear, as in a message free of clutter. Free of your emotions. How can I be a clear channel if I am sensing grief around me every time I connect to my Guides? We must know if we have empathed something because we carry it. Those things are not messages for others, they are clutter….”

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Why Asking Questions Brings You Closer to Your Guides

What we are sensing from others is energy. Horizontal energy. It’s dangerous because it can find openings in our fields (like self-doubt) and get in. The door/crack/window/fissure isn’t usually shut afterward and suddenly we are being infiltrated with negativity. Or entities.

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Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

What is your gift? I don’t even know my gifts all that well. We don’t have a spiritual gift dictionary, and if there were such a thing, how would it cover the vast array of multi-dimensional, trey-universal, extra, unknown healing possibilities known and unknown? You’re that vast. That extraordinary.

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Holiday Talk

Every year, every single dang year, I go off some diving board into the deep end of the pool of Christmas.

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The Adjustment

…dark times. My mind has a bad habit of going from elated to crash. It’s unreasonable, erratic and most importantly: painful. Just before I began channeling, or hearing my guides clearly and understanding how to set Sacred Space and stay in my vertical Light, I nearly died. I emotionally crashed so badly that I had to be rescued; twice. The comeback was…

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