Will 2017 be a Spiritual Year?

Prepare yourself, no matter where you are on your path, you may be the teacher. Someone you know might be suffering with “pancaked” energy and not even realize that they can manifest an easier life by practicing a few simple spiritual concepts. . . . → Read More: Will 2017 be a Spiritual Year?

Divine Receiver

When a client called and asked about using one of my meditations to advertise her business, I thought about it and said no, it doesn’t feel right. After the words came out, I took a moment to check in and make sure it was the appropriate thing to say. “Annette” (not her real name) and . . . → Read More: Divine Receiver

The Get-Away Plan

Years ago I was complaining to a friend, mostly because he was complaining to me. His life was troubled; job trouble, marriage trouble, money trouble and trouble of the teenage kind times two. I listened as Randy (pseudonym) talked about wanting to leave, just take off and go live in the desert where he could . . . → Read More: The Get-Away Plan