Deepening My Gratitudes

After years of living Ho’oponopono/Gratitude, studying the Universal gratitude vacuum and practicing until I could roll off a list of gratitudes like a drill sergeant just barked the command, I have learned something new. Here it is: Speaking what you think you should be grateful for isn’t enough. So when I say, “I am grateful for the trees, sky, seasons, sun, planet, friends, family, pets, love, light, guides, Creator, excellent health, water, animals, money, clients, kindness, income, home, shelter, warm blankets, clothing, food, fruit, utensils, pens, paper, art supplies, scissors, phones, cars, transportation, tools…” it does not have the effect of what you will learn next. . . . → Read More: Deepening My Gratitudes

Feeling Stressed? Read this…

My book Divine Accordance is a 300-page, completely thorough resource for how I healed and opened to receive communication from my guides. But I don’t want you to suffer, so here are some tried and true things you can do to make life feel better: . . . → Read More: Feeling Stressed? Read this…

Bumpy Roads and Roller Coasters

If you are suffering—you can change something. . . . → Read More: Bumpy Roads and Roller Coasters

Everything’s Causing Me Problems

-Pray. It’s like putting a cake in the oven. Words left for Source turn into healing. Ingredients left in the oven turn into cake. -You have heard it a million times: meditate. Raise your frequency and be in that Divine flow of Light that is everything you know in every cell of your body. . . . → Read More: Everything’s Causing Me Problems

2016 Free Meditation with Holly – Recording!



Today is January 31st, I think it’s legally the last day I can wish you Happy New Year. ; )

YOU are the light!

New Year’s Blessings to you! I am fresh off my first first Free Meditation Call of 2016 . . . → Read More: 2016 Free Meditation with Holly – Recording!

Arrogance and the Ascended Masters

And what, pray tell, should we do when our frequencies are lowered? Meditate! But you can also try these suggestions: SMILE, write a thank you card, help someone (ask first), clean, release, heal. Send a prayer to Source for s… . . . → Read More: Arrogance and the Ascended Masters

Vulnerable yet Strong, Knowing yet Empty

I have support! Maybe I don’t always understand it or accept it, but I am learning. Some part of me knows, and is holding space, just like the teacher. She won’t cave, won’t cater to emotional whims when she knows how strong I am. . . . → Read More: Vulnerable yet Strong, Knowing yet Empty

Your Path is Under Your Feet

Last week when a client asked about her path, the Guides replies, “Your path in what is under your feet. You are always on your path.” Now, twenty-three years later, I know what they are talking about. I wanted… . . . → Read More: Your Path is Under Your Feet

Me & Patricia Cota-Robles, LightBLOG

My week of healing at the World Congress of Illumination, August, 2013, Tucson, Arizona. Loews-Ventana Resort. . . . → Read More: Me & Patricia Cota-Robles, LightBLOG

Meditation for Juggling Crazy Frequencies

A 28 minute guided meditation for dealing with all the incoming stuff of life! Use this meditation for centering, balancing and taking responsibility while juggling acts of healing, releasing and integrating all manners of light and love. This meditation includes four different prayers from Holly’s Pocket Prayer Book, Excerpts from Divine Accordance. Please share this . . . → Read More: Meditation for Juggling Crazy Frequencies