When Planets are in Retrograde You Can Prevail!

Find a chair in your ethereal library, sit and ask for what you want. Ground, let your Divine Knowledge flow through you and into Earth. You are here to heal things. Things like you, and Earth, and the multitudes of wrong. Give your Light and love to Gaia. Be the Lightworker you were born to be and through that dedication you will find that Mercury is a reminder to be thoughtful instead of a threat of disaster. . . . → Read More: When Planets are in Retrograde You Can Prevail!

Summer Energy Challenges

Peace. Peace is not only an act, it is a walk. To be angry diverts your energy, even if you are angry about a horrific story. If you feel anger, step into it and let emotion move it out like a wave of water. Feel anger, try not to store it. Feel it fully and completely the way you would a mouth full of your favorite food. Storing it for later brings rotten results. When anger leaves, you can concentrate on walking in peace once again. . . . → Read More: Summer Energy Challenges

Everything’s Causing Me Problems

-Pray. It’s like putting a cake in the oven. Words left for Source turn into healing. Ingredients left in the oven turn into cake. -You have heard it a million times: meditate. Raise your frequency and be in that Divine flow of Light that is everything you know in every cell of your body. . . . → Read More: Everything’s Causing Me Problems

2016 Intention Call with Holly Burger and Friends



I am so grateful to the many participants in 2016 Intention Call with Holly Burger and Friends. My special guests were:

Stephanie Roth, www.askStephanieRoth.com Click here for Steph’s helpful worksheet.

Debbie Sprenger

Alejandra Avellan

There are so many good things on this . . . → Read More: 2016 Intention Call with Holly Burger and Friends

Cats and Death: A Spiritual Perspective

…how does a Lightworker that does what I do work in a situation like this? And that makes me think of all the places in the world where covert Lightworkers are dealing with pressure, resistance, anger or crime. . . . → Read More: Cats and Death: A Spiritual Perspective

In need of advice…


“In need of advice” is the title of an email I received recently. Not unusual, when you consider what I do in the world. But this request was different. It wasn’t about clearing an entity or healing a broken relationship. This person, let’s call her Mary, needed help navigating anxiety. Here is our (edited) . . . → Read More: In need of advice…

Competition vs. Inspiration

A few days ago I went to fiber art show in Longmont, Colorado. I thought I might take some pictures and write about art, the fiber of life, how we all weave together and create. From the car I grabbed my wallet and camera bag, thinking it would be easy to manage while I was . . . → Read More: Competition vs. Inspiration

Me & Patricia Cota-Robles, LightBLOG

My week of healing at the World Congress of Illumination, August, 2013, Tucson, Arizona. Loews-Ventana Resort. . . . → Read More: Me & Patricia Cota-Robles, LightBLOG

I Don’t Know…

Recently, I was invited to host a group of women through a church in Denver. The amazing Ashley Seaman, minister of North Highland Presbyterian, and her friend Caroline Fisher and I talked about possibilities. The energy generated during our conversation took root and our first meeting happened June 24, 2012.

It was an amazing experience. . . . → Read More: I Don’t Know…

The Art of Making It Work

I was trying to write a LIGHTblog about summertime being here, but all I could think about was the fact that dates keep sneaking up on me. I feel like I can’t plan enough to be prepared for everything.

What is that about? When I ask my guides they tell me that my perceptions are . . . → Read More: The Art of Making It Work